Bay Area Legal Services

  • Free Legal Help
    We do not help with any criminal matters or traffic violations.
    Bay Area may be able to help with these types of cases:
    • Family Law: Divorce, Custody, Visitation, & Support
    • Domestic Violence
    • Guardianship / Adoption
    • Evictions, Landlord / Tenant Problems, Fair Housing Issues
    • Mortgage Foreclosure, Construction Liens, & Predatory Lending
    • Consumer Fraud, Debt Collection, & Bankruptcy
    • Public Benefits: Social Security, Medicaid, Disability, & Food Stamps
    • Probate & Trust Issues
    • Tax Issues / Insurance Matters / Employment Issues
  • Special Programs
    • Caregivers of the Elderly
    • Senior Caregivers of Minor Children
    • Family Justice Cener
    • Judge Don Castor Community Law
    • Legal Information Center
    • Low Income Taxpayer Clinic

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