Tuesday, June 27, 2000
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Tuesday, June 20, 2000, BOCC Meeting


DATE: June 28, 2000

TO: Board of County Commissioners

FROM: Daniel A. Kleman, County Administrator

SUBJECT: Recap of June 20 Continuation BOCC Meeting Held on June 27, 2000

The Board held a continuation meeting of its June 20 meeting. Action was taken as follows:


B-6 The Board amended the BOCC meeting schedule to hold its first meeting in September on Thursday, September 7, 2000; and its first meeting in October on Thursday, October 5, 2000; due to the Primary Election and Run-off Election, respectively. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for disseminating this information to all appropriate parties.

B-7 Pat Bean presented a report regarding the closing of G. Pierce Wood Hospital. The Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter to the Governor, President of the Senate, and Speaker of the House on this issue. Pat Bean will be responsible for preparing the letters by July 3.

B-10 The Board approved the third modification to the Agreement between the County and Florida Health Sciences Center, Inc., administrators of the Child Protection Team, which increases the annual not-to-exceed amount of the contract from $32,100 to $140,000, for the contract period beginning July 1, 1999, up to and including June 30, 2000, and all ensuing contract periods; replaces Exhibit I, the Fee Schedule; and adds Article XVI, Reimbursement Requests. Further, the Board approved an appropriation of $107,900 from the General Fund Reserve for Contingency to provide funding for physical examinations performed by the Child Protection Team.

Also, the Board passed a motion to send a letter under the Chairman’s signature to the appropriate state agency inquiring as to whether some of these services could be competitively bid. Cretta Johnson will be responsible for preparing the letter for the Chairman’s signature by July 5.

B-11 The Board approved the Third Modification agreement for the Brandon Main Street Project which will extend the contract by 123-days (October 31, 2000) and include up to $25,000 for the production of a Comprehensive Plan amendment and a capital projects evaluation.

B-14 Mike McWeeny presented recommendations for increased effectiveness and aggressiveness in Hillsborough County’s water conservation efforts. The Board approved the following:

Water Conservation Measures A3-8; B1-4, 6-9, 17-19, 21-25, 29, 30, and C1 and 3 in the referenced matrix for immediate implementation.

Water Conservation Measures B11, 20 and 28 in the attached matrix and authorize staff to prepare budgets and funding requirements for BOCC consideration on August 16, 2000.

B-15 The Board adopted a resolution replacing Resolution No. R97-179 that includes utility bill adjustment authority for unexplained high water usage as well as adjustments for high usage resulting from customer plumbing leaks.


E-1 Commissioners presented reports regarding various authorities and councils on which they serve, as follows:

Commissioner Hart reported on the Florida Association of Counties conference that was held last week. Judy Johnson, from Marion County, is the new president of the organization. Commissioner Hart requested that the County Administrator bring back summary information concerning a seminar on governance that he participated in at the conference. Helen Levine will be responsible for disseminating this information to the BOCC by July 13.

Commissioner Norman reported on a good news item regarding the Sports Commission being selected for hosting the ACC championship games in 2007.

Commissioner Frank reported that the Hospital Authority is working with the Florida Health Sciences Center in terms of the amendments to the lease.

E-2 Appointments were made to various boards and councils.

Additionally, Commissioner Hart requested that another Commissioner replace him on the MPO. Accordingly, Commissioner Norman was appointed to the MPO.

E-4 A letter was received from Jed Pittman, Clerk to the Board, Pasco County, with a resolution requesting Hillsborough County to cancel taxes on property described in Exhibit “A” which will be utilized in connection with providing road right-of-way for the County Line Road South project. The Board referred this matter to the Public Works Department and Tax Collector’s office for further review and recommendation back to the Board on July 12. Bernardo Garcia will be responsible for preparing an agenda item for the July 12 agenda.

E-5 Commissioner Norman led a discussion regarding recycled computers for senior citizens to be placed in Senior Citizen Day Care Centers with Internet access. He has been working with Jimmie Keel concerning the details of this project. The Board concurred with Commissioner Hart’s suggestion that Jason Mims, an appointee to the Citizens Advisory Committee, also become involved in the project. Jimmie Keel will continue this effort to conclusion of the project.

E-8 Commissioner Storms requested a staff report on the proposed new Sun City Center Fire Station. Following the Board’s discussion of this item, a motion was passed to have staff schedule a meeting with the newly established Sun City Residents Council to discuss alternatives to stay within budget for the new fire station. Mike Kelly, with the assistance of Eric Johnson and Bill Nesmith will be responsible for scheduling a meeting with the residents and providing a report back to the BOCC by August 31.


F-1 A staff report was presented regarding City of Tampa annexations. No action was required.


The Board approved an agreement with Speak Up Tampa Bay for public access.

Respectfully submitted,
Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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