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Wednesday, June 7, 2000
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, June 7, 2000, BOCC Meeting


Items A-1 through A-107 were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

A-89 Staff requested deletion of the authorization of an expenditure of up to $12,000 for the payment of back taxes to acquire land via a tax deed to resolve an encroachment problem involving County property in the Bloomingdale area.

Items that require additional follow-up are as follows:

A-83 The Board approved the purchase agreement for right-of-way at the intersection of 131st Avenue and 22nd Street. However, the Board expressed concern about the payment of an exorbitant price for required right-of-way. Accordingly, the Board directed that the County Attorney and Public Affairs Office continue to review any future legislation that would protect the County concerning reasonable payments for right-of-way, particularly in eminent domain proceedings. The County Attorney's Office and Public Affairs Officer will be responsible for continuing to monitor this issue.


Eleven individuals spoke during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

-Scott Walter and Amy Glover spoke in support of the naming of the Bloomingdale West Park Community Center in honor of Stephanie Ann Culbertson (A-32).

-Janice Briggs, representing several citizens in the audience, spoke regarding the Richard Higgins property in Brandon with reference to development allowed in the Land Development Code. Commissioner Storms had previously discussed this matter with staff. This matter was referred to staff for review and report back to the Board. Pat Bean will be responsible for scheduling a meeting with the residents and distributing a report back to the Board by June 30

-Valerie Adams spoke regarding double sessions and overcrowding in schools. She mentioned ordinances that Orange and Palm Beach Counties have adopted which have proved to be successful. The County Attorney was directed to review the Orange and Palm Beach ordinances and report back to the Board. Emeline Acton will be responsible for distributing a report back to the Board by June 30. Eric Johnson will be responsible for providing financial information as to whether those counties are at the maximum millage rate.

-Paulette Crawford spoke regarding school impact fees and expanded on the issue addressed by Ms. Adams above.

-Neil Cosentino spoke regarding the hurricane season and the 2012 Olympics bid. Commissioner Frank requested that the County Administrator bring back information hurricane frequency. Bill Studer will be responsible for providing the information on hurricane frequency to members of the BOCC by June 30.

-Ralph Hughes spoke regarding impact fees.

- Marilyn Smith spoke regarding various issues.

-Mike Coates spoke regarding the Morris Bridge sinkhole.

-Mark Klutho spoke regarding the fire that destroyed the Ybor City branch post office and sustainable buildings.

-Robert Dykes spoke regarding the "gray" area in the County's Land Development Code relating to modular homes. He indicated that the structure of modular homes does not meet the standard building codes of Hillsborough County. Pat Bean will incorporate this issue in the comments presented to the Board by Janice Briggs listed above.


B-1 The Board received staff's report on input obtained to link the No Fee Zone provision to community plans. The Board passed a motion to leave the Gibsonton No Fee Zone boundary in tact with the exception of Section I and directed the County Attorney's Office to schedule a public hearing on June 20, 2000 to adopt the USF Area No Fee Zone and amend the boundaries of the Gibsonton Area to reflect the exclusion of Section 1.

B-2 The Board deferred until June 20 the payment of impact fees for The Children's Home. The Board directed that a policy be brought back on June 20. Lucia Garsys, with the assistance of Eric Johnson, will be responsible for development of a policy for consideration by the Board.

B-3 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the report and recommendations of the Agenda Process Review Committee for change to the structure of BOCC meetings and Agenda Process.

B-4 The County Administrator presented the recommended Budget for FY 2001. The Budget Workshops will commence on June 14.

B-5 The Board accepted and appropriated $6,000,000 in grant funds from the United States, Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration for the Hillsborough County Workforce Board, and approved two limited duration positions. These funds will support the operation of the Youth Opportunity Grant from 03/20/00 through 03/20/01.

B-6 The Board approved the agreement between Hillsborough County, as fiscal agent and administrative entity for the Hillsborough County Workforce Board, and the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA, Inc. for the provision of Youth Opportunity Initiative Grant Services for eligible participants for the period of March 20, 2000 through March 19, 2001, with four - 1 year options to renew, in a maximum annual contract amount not to exceed $5,800,000. No County funds are required.

As an adjunct to items B-5 and B-6, the Board requested that an update be scheduled on June 20 regarding legislation passed regarding the Workforce Board. Ed Hunzeker will be responsible for scheduling this item on June 20.

B-7 Staff requested a deferral until July 12 for consideration of the County Administrator's report that the Fire Rescue maintenance for non-emergency and medical vehicles will be transferred to the Fleet Management Department in satisfaction of the Blue Ribbon Committee recommendation to merge maintenance shops.

B-8 Staff requested a deferral until June 20 for consideration of the Revised Fee Schedule for Planning & Growth Management.

B-9 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the Board Policy regarding the use of Less than Fee acquisition techniques through the County's Environmental Lands Acquisition and Protection Program (ELAPP).

B-10 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the resolution replacing Resolution No. R97-179 that includes utility bill adjustment authority for unexplained high water usage as well as adjustments for high usage resulting from customer plumbing leaks.

B-11 The Board authorized Dr. Rick Garrity to present a formal recommendation to the US EPA to prepare a scope of work for the Tampa Bay Reservoir EIS that includes, at a minimum, the following elements:

-Viable alternatives to the proposed action.
-Impacts to protected wetlands.
-Effects from inter-basin transfer of waters.
-Short and long term impacts on the Aquatic Ecosystem from any incremental withdrawals of water resources attributable to reservoir operations.
-Impact on threatened and endangered species.
-Impacts of salinity changes on aquatic organisms, sport and commercial fisheries.
-Impacts on the human community.
-Project risk analysis.
-Blue-green algae.

B-12 The Board authorized the County Attorney to draft an ordinance to regulate the distribution of handbill and flyer distribution at hotels located in unincorporated Hillsborough County, and schedule the ordinance for a public hearing. The County Attorney's Office will be responsible for preparing an agenda item to present a proposed ordinance to the Board on June 20.

B-13 The Board discussed the County Attorney's agenda item regarding retaining the services of one of the attorneys shown in the written agenda material to review the constitutionality of recent legislation concerning Tampa General Hospital (HB 509 & HB 591). The Board directed that this item be continued until June 20 and that a morning time certain be scheduled so that Richard Ake can be invited to participate in the discussion. The County Attorney's Office will be responsible for rescheduling this item.

B-14 The Board accepted County Audit Report 86, G. A. Food Service of Pinellas County, Incorporated, Contract Compliance Audit.

B-15 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the eleven (11) Blue Ribbon Committee recommendations that were submitted as off-the-agenda items.


C-1 The Board conducted a public workshop to review the proposed Action Plan for FY 2000-2001. The Action Plan consolidates funding applications for CDBG, HOME and ESG funds from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). A public hearing to finalize the Action Plan will be held on July 12 at 2:00 p.m.

C-2 The Board conducted a public hearing and approved staff's recommendation not to initiate binding arbitration concerning the Tampa Bay Water project involving changes to the facility quantity table for wellfield operations. The Board expressed concerns about the length of time to replace or restore private wells and expediting the project. The Board directed that a letter be sent to Tampa Bay Water under the Chairman's signature with regard to elements contained in the "Good Neighbor Policy" Rick Garrity will be responsible for preparing the letter for the Chairman's signature by June 9.

C-3 The Board adopted the proposed FY 2000 Rate Resolution (with the exception of the water and wastewater emergency conservation rates) with the continued implementation of the rate structure and rate phase-in previously approved by the Board with the adoption of the FY 97 Rate Resolution; with the proposed adjustments in capacity fees, and reclaimed water rebates, with proposed adjustments in metered reclaimed water charges, with proposed adjustments in bulk water and wastewater service charges, and with proposed adjustments in high strength waste surcharges. Mike McWeeny will bring back on June 20 any remaining non-rate recommendations of the Water Conservation Committee.


D-1 The Board approved a request by Mr. Tom Morrison, Counsel for the Hillsborough County Industrial Development Authority, concerning an application for $24 million Tax-Exempt Bond (IDA) Financing from the Tampa Metropolitan Area YMCA.

D-2 Sharon Dent, Executive Director of HARTline, presented a request regarding a funding level for HARTline in next year's budget. The Board directed that the County Administrator research the feasibility of advertising on bus shelters in order to provide the funding level for HARTline. This issue, along with other alternative funding sources and a discussion of HARTline expense, will be presented by the Budget staff during the upcoming budget deliberations. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for researching previous BOCC discussion regarding bus shelter advertising. Eric Johnson will be responsible for scheduling this discussion.

D-3 Members of the Parks & Recreation Advisory Board made a presentation regarding PR 2000 - "A Bright Future", the strategic vision of the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department. The Board passed a motion to receive the report. This matter will be considered during the budget process for FY 2002.

E-1 Commissioner Frank advised that a meeting of the Executive Policy Group has been scheduled for Friday, June 9, to extend the fireworks ban.

E-2 Appointments to various boards and councils - None.

E-3 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the correspondence from Mayor Fran Barford, Chairperson of the H. C. Transportation Disadvantaged Coordinating Board, referencing the MPO's annual evaluation of the Transportation Disadvantaged Program.

E-4 Correspondence was received from Ross Alander, Human Relations Board, advising of their unanimous vote to request the BOCC include prohibition against discrimination because of sexual orientation in the H. C. Human Rights Ordinance. The Board voted to receive and file the correspondence.

E-5 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the correspondence from Carolyn Collins, Florida A & M University Alumni Association, advising the Legislature has allocated budgetary funds for two law schools in the state. The BOCC's support is requested in returning the Florida A & M University Law School and in securing both land and building for the Law School to be in Tampa.

E-6 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the correspondence from Jed Pittman, Clerk to the Board, Pasco County, with attached Resolution 00-201 requesting Hillsborough County to cancel taxes on property described in Exhibit "A" which will be utilized in connection with providing road right-of-way for the County Line Road South project.

E-7 At the request of Commissioner Norman, Rick Garrity provided an update concerning the Morris Bridge Sinkhole. The Board passed a motion to request that Tampa Bay Water reconsider the City of Tampa's TWPP project. This item was discussed in conjunction with the TBW public hearing. Rick Garrity will include this request in the Chairman's letter to Tampa Bay Water referenced in item C-2.

E-8 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding access to pornography in the Internet at the public library system. Following discussion, the Board voted to direct the County Attorney to work with the County Administrator in analyzing the law and drafting a proposed policy relating to filtering of computers at the County's public libraries. The Board further directed that the report and policy be brought back to the Board on July 12, 2000. Dan Kleman and Emeline Acton will be responsible for the research and agenda item preparation for the July 12 agenda. The County Attorney was directed to analyze the law and to assist the County Administrator in the development of a recommendation to the Board regarding the filtering of computers owned by Hillsborough County. Roger Dean will be responsible for development of such a policy to be brought back simultaneously with the above item.

E-9 Commissioner Frank led a discussion regarding a BOCC policy on gifts for visiting dignitaries. The Board referred this matter to the County Administrator for review and recommendation back to the Board. Helen Levine will be responsible for developing a policy for consideration by the Board on July 12.

E-10 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until the June 13 Land Use meeting Commissioner Storms' discussion item regarding the recent Supreme Court decision regarding impact fees. Paula Harvey will be responsible for scheduling this item for June 13.

E-11 Commissioner Frank led a brief discussion regarding the closing of the G. Pierce Wood Hospital. Pat Bean advised the Board that she had distributed information to BOCC members regarding the status of the closing. Pat Bean will reschedule this item on the June 20 agenda for further discussion.


F-1 The Board received the report on Governor Bush's vetos on legislation. No action was required. Commissioner Platt requested information back on the implication of Governor Bush's veto regarding the $5 million to TGH. Pat Bean will contact Tampa General Hospital and request a report.

F-2 The Board received the County Administrator's verbal report on meetings with representatives of the Legislative Delegation and Tampa General Hospital officials.

F-3 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the monthly update on water conditions. This item will be scheduled on the Consent Agenda for June 20.

F-4 Due to time constraints the Board deferred until June 20 the status of Hillsborough County water supply and reclaimed water program. This item will be scheduled on the Consent Agenda for June 20.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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