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Wednesday, May 17, 2000
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, May 17, 2000, BOCC Meeting


Items A-1 through A-95 were approved as recommended by staff.

Items that require additional follow-up are as follows:

A-62 Staff requested a deferral until July 12 for the staff report regarding policy for Drug Free Workplace. Ted Grable will be responsible for scheduling a report on the July 12 agenda.

A-76 The Board approved June 15, 2000 at 6:00 p.m. for a public hearing to adopt the Solid Waste Management System rates and assessments. Daryl Smith will be responsible for the advertisement and preparation of the public hearing. Per Board discussion, the budget public hearing will commence following the solid waste hearing at 6:15 p.m. Eric Johnson will schedule the budget public hearing accordingly.

A-85 Staff requested a deferral until June 7, 2000 for the report regarding an ordinance to regulate the distribution of fliers at hotels in Unincorporated Hillsborough County. The County Attorney's Office will be responsible for preparing the agenda item for the June 7 agenda.


Ten individuals spoke during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

- Lois Ann Sorensen, representing SWFWMD, spoke in support of agenda item B-10, which relates to recommendations for increased effectiveness and aggressiveness in Hillsborough County's water conservation efforts.

- Mike Peterson spoke regarding rules governing the amount of time for allowing the public to speak at public hearings and zonings. He advised that the lack of any written guidelines create confusion and suggested that the City of Tampa's structure for public hearings be used as a guide for future public hearings of Hillsborough County. The County Administrator suggested that Board members may want to consider this issue in the near future when the Agenda Process Review Committee's recommendations will be presented to the Board. This item is tentatively scheduled for the June 7 meeting. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for obtaining information on the City of Tampa's public hearing process and providing it for review by Administration.

- Louise Thompson spoke regarding a public access services contract with Hillsborough County. A report from Frank Turano was distributed to BOCC members at the end of the meeting. Frank Turano will be responsible for preparing an agenda item to bring the contract back to the BOCC on June 20.

- Marilyn Smith spoke regarding public access revenue and the Tampa Bay Reservoir project.

- Denise Layne spoke regarding the Keystone and Lutz Community Plans. She referenced a trip she had made to Tallahassee to discuss recent Board actions taken on these Plans. She requested a quick resolution by the Board authorizing the County Attorney to prepare a legal opinion to allow Hillsborough County to proceed with completed community plans. Commissioner Platt indicated that she would schedule this issue on a future agenda (June 7 BOCC regular meeting or June 13 Land Use meeting) to further discuss this matter. Lelia Blevins has scheduled this matter on the Land Use agenda for June 13. The County Administrator also was directed to contact Steve Seibert, in Tallahassee, to inquire about the process and schedule. Tony Shoemaker will be responsible for contacting Mr. Seibert in the County Administrator's behalf.

- Ron Story spoke regarding the Lutz Community Plan with regard to the removal of the commercial element.

- Laura Swain spoke regarding letters sent out to various organizations and individuals regarding the Keystone Civic Association by Ms. Claire Clements. Ms. Swain advised that the letters contain incorrect information.

- Steven Morris spoke regarding the Keystone and Lutz Community Plans and indicated the he will continue to represent the community relating to the protection of lakes and the community.

- Mark Klutho spoke regarding green buildings, the Greenhouse Project, and the Courthouse Complex project.

- Dan Shepherd spoke regarding agenda item A-71 authorizing the granting of an easement to a property owner. (This item was discussed and approved later in the meeting.)


B-1 Michael Raposa presented staff's recommendation for creating the "Lonnie Lee Napier Good Neighbor Award Program". The Board concurred with the recommendation as contained in the agenda written material. Additionally, the Board directed that staff develop a method for rewarding the community in which the recipient lives, by providing $2,000 on an annual basis in landscaping or improvements in the respective community. Michael Raposa will be responsible for administering this program and developing the new procedures as discussed by the Board.

B-2 The County Administrator gave a brief verbal status report regarding contract negotiations on Tampa General Hospital. No action was required.

B-3 The Board approved contracts with various hospitals regarding the Hospital Lien Ordinance, including authorizing the Tampa General Hospital contract, with all contractual approvals contingent upon a fully executed Tampa General contract. Pat Bean will follow up with TGH to secure a signed contract.

B-4 The Board approved an agreement with JayMar Farms, Inc. in the amount of $1,000,000 for the development and construction of a 72 unit farmworker rental housing complex in the Balm area, approve the Land Use Restriction Agreement, and authorize the Chairman to execute future documents related to this project.

B-5 Staff requested deletion of the item relating to a 3rd modification to the Agreement with Florida Health Sciences Center relating to administration of the Child Protection Team.

B-6 The Board received the report regarding the Employee Suggestion Program. Further, the Board approved the County Administrator's report that the Employee Suggestion Program and performance-based productivity awards satisfy the Blue Ribbon Committee's recommendation to provide performance-based employee suggestions. (BRC #00109). The Board requested a report back in 120 days on the aspect of informing supervisors of feedback in the Employee Suggestion Program. Sharon Wall will be responsible for preparing an agenda item for the September 20 agenda.

B-7 The Board approved transmittal to the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) ofHillsborough County Transportation Project Applications for TEA-21 funding. Ned Baier will be responsible for providing information to all BOCC members regarding the justification for Boyette Road and Bruce B. Downs Boulevard by June 3.

B-8 The Board adopted a resolution regarding the Northwest Utility System Property that states that if any portion of said property is determined to be no longer necessary, useful or profitable in the operations of the Water Department, then the Hillsborough County General Government fund shall have the right of first refusal to purchase said portion of property at the fair market value; further that during the interim, the Parks and Recreation Department shall be responsible for the maintenance of the open space located theron and shall have the right for limited passive recreational uses over and across same.

B-9 The Board adopted a resolution and approved a land exchange agreement with Leslie Land Corporation. The resolution and agreement included an amendment recommended by staff regarding commercial use. The agreement provides for Hillsborough County to convey approximately 112 acres of land to LLC. In exchange, Hillsborough County receives approximately 22 acres of land plus a completed Horses for Handicapped Facility constructed thereon. Also, Hillsborough County receives fair market value compensation for the 112 acres in the amount of $1,412,500.

B-10 The Board received the Water Conservation Technical Committee's updated recommendations for increased effectiveness and aggressiveness in Hillsborough County's water conservation efforts. Also the Board authorized the scheduling of a public hearing for June 7, 2000 at 5:30 p.m. to consider implementing recommended increases in the top three tiers of the water rate structure. Mike McWeeny will be responsible for preparing an agenda item for the June 7 agenda.

The Water Department will return on June 7 with a status report regarding implementation of the recommendations.

Commissioner Frank further suggested that staff review the Land Development Code with reference to water conservation measures. She cited an example of a grassed, pervious area used for parked cars at Lowry Park. Tony Shoemaker will be responsible for following through on this suggestion and distributing a report to Board members by June 16.

B-11 The Board approved the proposed policy regarding the collective efforts used among the Hillsborough County Sheriff, the County Attorney's Office, the County Administrator and, to the extent possible, the cities of Tampa, Temple Terrace and Plant City in attempting to assure maximum recovery of costs for damages to County roadway property. Tony Shoemaker will be responsible for finalizing the policy for distribution countywide by May 26.

B-12 The Board authorized the County Attorney's Office to settle the case of Hillsborough County vs. Time Warner Entertainment-Advance/Newhouse Partnership, et. al, Case Number: 00-000915 Division B. for $1,000,000 in addition to other terms and conditions as negotiated by the County Administrator and Assistant County Attorney Christine Beck.

During the meeting, the Board considered several uses for these funds, and since no action was taken, Eric Johnson was directed to bring back proposed uses of these funds during the upcoming budget workshops.

B-13 The Board approved Amendment #3 to the 1999-2000 Medicaid Waiver Spending Authority Contract with the West Central Florida Area Agency on Aging, Inc.

B-14 The Board received a report from the County Attorney on obtaining an outside legal consultant to assist with constitutional issues related to the new legislation on the Indigent Health Care Tax. The Board passed a motion unanimously to authorize the County Administrator to schedule a meeting, based on a good faith effort, with members of the Legislature to discuss problems with the Indigent Health Care Tax legislation and report back to the Board in 30 days. Helen Levine will be responsible for scheduling the meeting as referenced above and will report back to the Board on June 20.

Additionally, the Board passed a motion (4-2 vote) to continue research regarding securing outside counsel to assist in evaluating the legality of mandating payments to TGH from the County's HealthCare sales tax.




D-1 Mr. Jerome Ryans, Executive Director of the City of Tampa Housing Authority, presented an update on projects at Tampa Housing Authority and the impact they have, if any, on Hillsborough County. This report to the BOCC was for information only. However, Commissioner Storms suggested that Mr. Ryans provide information on the number of people moving out of low income housing and their relocation. This information can then be included on a map that will be prepared by Hillsborough County. Kevin McConnell will be responsible for obtaining this information and preparing a map as described by Commissioner Storms by June 16. Commissioner Platt requested information on whether HUD standards would allow house construction without a back door. Kevin McConnell will be responsible for following up on this issue and distributing a report to the Board by May 31.

D-2 Henry Saavedra requested Board approval of a license agreement for antenna sites on Raymond James Stadium. The Board approved the license agreement, as requested. Although no formal action was taken, Commissioner Frank suggested that the County Administrator revisit some of our facilities use contracts to determine if an increase is appropriate. Mike Kelly will be responsible for undertaking a review by September 1.

D-3 Jim Hosler, Planning Commission, presented an update on CENSUS 2000. Following discussion, the Board authorized the Chairman to write a letter to the three municipalities and School Board requesting that they join Hillsborough County in planning a strategy on the appellate process. Tony Shoemaker will be responsible for preparing a letters for the Chairman's signature by May 26.


E-1 Due to time constraints the Commissioners reports section was not heard.

E-3 Commissioner Platt requested that the Board authorize the County Attorney to draft an ordinance to create a Manatee Protection Ordinance for the bay area next to Harbor Bay (DRI #241). The Board authorized the County Attorney to draft an ordinance to be brought back to the Board no later than June 20. The County Attorney's Office will be responsible for preparing an agenda item no later than the June 20 BOCC meeting.

E-4 Commissioner Storms led a discussion relating to fire prevention ordinance with regard to drought conditions. The Board passed a motion to request that the Executive Policy Group convene to discuss the severe drought conditions to determine any necessary actions. Bill Studer will be responsible for scheduling a meeting by May 19.

E-5 Commissioner Wacksman introduced Jacob Baime and other students of S.W.A.T. (Students Working Against Tobacco) to make a presentation regarding use of tobacco. The Board approved Commissioner Wacksman's motion to direct staff to research and determine the best legislative approach (local or state) for addressing this problem and report back within 30 days. Helen Levine will be responsible for preparing a report back to the Board on June 20.

E-6 Commissioner Hart introduced a presentation by Rick Garrity, Administrator of Water Resources Team, on the Tampa Bay Water Reservoir. Dr. Garrity recommended that a workshop be scheduled prior to June 30. The Board was requested to approve the scheduling of a two-hour workshop to discuss issues regarding the reservoir prior to June 30. Since this action required a supermajority vote of the BOCC, this item was continued until the Land Use Meeting on May 23. Paula Harvey will be responsible for scheduling this item on the Land Use agenda for May 23. Lelia Blevins will work with Charlotte Emrick in finding a date for the workshop.

E-7 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding land in Gibsonton area for the purpose of building a clinic for the medically underserved. The Board passed a motion to consider this item during the budget process. Eric Johnson will be responsible for scheduling this item during the budget deliberations.


F-1 Helen Levine presented a verbal report regarding legislative issues. No action was required.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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