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Wednesday, May 3, 2000
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, May 3, 2000, BOCC Meeting


Items A-1 through A-76 were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

A-17, &
A-18 The Board deferred until May 17 the BRC items regarding the Employee Suggestion Program and requested that staff come back with a greater level of detail on activities of the Employee Suggestion Program. Sharon Wall will be responsible for providing an overview and report on the Employee Suggestion Program.

A-55 Staff requested deletion of the resolution that provides an approximate 1.5 acre site for a public health facility on County-owned land in the USF area.

Items that require additional follow-up are as follows:

A-42 Ted Grable will be responsible for scheduling on May 17 the report regarding a policy for a drug-free workplace.


Six individuals spoke during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

¨ Denise Layne thanked Board members for their past actions in purchasing ELAPP lands and urged the Board to approve the purchase of ELAPP land as indicated in agenda item A-59, Cypress Creek Preserve.

¨ Ron Stoy requested Board support of the train depot project.

¨ Marilyn Smith spoke regarding TGH and water issues.

¨ Gaye Townsend spoke regarding the navigability of the Alafia River. She further stated that when the well field pumping issue is considered that the sustainability of these wetlands be reviewed.

¨ Mark Klutho spoke regarding sustainable buildings. He referenced a conversation he had with Architect Larry Maxwell, the consultant for the new Courthouse building complex, regarding non-compliance with sustainability. The Board directed that the County Administrator follow up on these comments. The County Administrator advised that a review will be conducted, followed by a report to Board members prior to the next BOCC meeting. Mike Kelly will be responsible for researching this matter and preparing a report by May 15.

¨ Carlton Lewis spoke regarding a program to be implemented which will eliminate the problem of abandoned shopping carts in the USF area. Mr. Lewis also spoke regarding non-traditional hours for code enforcement personnel in order to more adequately monitor code violations. The Board referred this matter to staff for review and report back to the Board. Commissioner Wacksman suggested that communities that continually have these type problems be addressed. Kevin McConnell will be responsible for preparing a report to the Board on June 7.


B-1 The Board received and discussed the report regarding the exemption of impact fees for lots within subdivisions platted prior to 1985 and at least eighty percent (80%) developed. The Board passed a motion to kill the program.

B-2 The Board approved the scheduling of the following workshops:

a. Review of draft ordinance on Traditional Neighborhood Development. This workshop has been scheduled for August 23 at 1:30 p.m.

b. Top 5 cost saving recommendations in TaxWatch Deliverables Report. A two-hour workshop will be scheduled following receipt of a written report by TaxWatch. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for scheduling the workshop.

B-3 The Board heard a presentation from Gene Gray regarding the creation of a Small Business Task Force and approved option #2 in the staff report.

B-4 The Board received the City of Tampa's Resolution No. 2000-431, requesting water restrictions enforcement of their rules on their customers residing in Hillsborough County and request for cooperation between the City and the County for the enforcement of City of Tampa Emergency Ordinance 2000-69. The Board authorized the Water Department to continue enforcing ordinance 91-27, as amended, Countywide.

As an adjunct to this item, the Board held a discussion on additional conservation measures that would comply with the City of Tampa's water restrictions, e.g., no car washing or boat washing in the unincorporated area of Hillsborough County. This matter was referred to the County's Water Conservation Committee for review and recommendation back to the Board. Additionally, the Board requested information concerning how the City enforces water restrictions in gated communities. Mike McWeeny will be responsible for referring this issue to the Water Conservation Committee for review by May 8. A report will be brought back to the Board on June 7.

B-5 The Board deferred until May 17 the request from Tampa Bay Water for variance regarding construction of regional surface water treatment plant. Rick Garrity will be responsible for rescheduling this item on the May 17 agenda.

B-6 The Board ratified the renewal of a contract with STC Dispatch Courier Services for wastewater sample pickup and delivery services for the Water Department.


C-1 The Board conducted a public hearing in accordance with the BOCC's Policy for Public Involvement in Tampa Bay Water Projects and voted not to initiate binding arbitration of the dredge and fill authorization from the Corps 404 Permit for the Brandon Urban Dispersed Wells Project (BUDW) pursuant to Sections 3.12, 3.13 and 3.16 of the Interlocal Agreement.

C-2 The Board conducted a public hearing in accordance with the BOCC's Policy for Public Involvement in Tampa Bay Water Projects and voted not to initiate binding arbitration of the Environmental Resource Permit (ERP) for the Brandon Urban Disperse Wells Project pursuant to Sections 3.12, 3.13 and 3.16 of the Interlocal Agreement.

C-3 The Board authorized the County Administrator's discretion in initiating arbitration of a Tampa Bay Water Staff request for an emergency waiver of water use permit conditions.

(A special EPC meeting was held immediately following the above public hearings to take action of the above three issues.)

C-4 The Board held a public hearing to consider adoption of a Hospital Lien Ordinance. The Board adopted Draft #3 of the lien ordinance and authorized the County Administrator, with support of the County Attorney's Office, to meet with Ron Hytoff, President of Florida Health Sciences Center, Inc., to negotiate a contract that will provide funding and accountability of $3,515,000 in documented costs associated with uncompensated Level 1 trauma care provided by the hospital to County residents. The joint agreement is to be brought back to the BOCC on May 17. Further, the Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter to H. L. Culbreath requesting joint lobby efforts with the Legislative Delegation on May 4 and 5 to 1) remove any language which includes a mandate or specific required expenditures by the County for TGH/FHSC Level 1 trauma care currently in any bill moving through the legislative process; and 2) substitute the language jointly drafted by County staff and FHSC lobbyist Jan Gorrie concerning the funding of Level 1 trauma care. Pat Bean prepared the letter for the Chairman's signature to Mr. Culbreath and faxed the letter the evening of May 3. Pat Bean will be responsible for coordination of this matter and scheduling this item on the May 17 agenda.


D-1 The County Attorney's Office requested a deferral until May 17 to schedule the appearance by John I. Van Voris regarding License of Antenna Sites on Raymond James Stadium. The County Attorney's Office will be responsible for preparing an agenda item for the May 17 agenda.

D-2 A presentation was made by Tampa Bay Water for guidance regarding options for the development of alternative water supplies in the South-Central Hillsborough Service area. No action was taken.


E-1 Due to time constraints, Commissioners reports of various authorities and councils on which they serve were not heard.

E-2 The appointments to various boards and councils was continued until the Land Use meeting on May 9. Paula Harvey will be responsible for scheduling this item on the Land Use agenda.

E-3 The Chairman's office requested deletion of the correspondence from Kim Leinbach, City Manager, City of Temple Terrace regarding the appointment of John Ruzic to the Tourist Development Council.

E-4 Commissioner Frank advised Board members that she had been working on obtaining the public records of Tampa Bay Water. This item was provided for the Board's information.

E-5 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding the Project Greenhouse request for a two-acre parcel of County-owned land in the vicinity of USF. The Board voted to continue this request until the summer budget cycle. Further, the Board directed that the subject parcel be placed on the market to determine the property's worth. Mike Kelly will be responsible for advertising the sale of the property and reporting this information back to the Board during the budget deliberations. Eric Johnson will be responsible for scheduling the request for Project Greenhouse during the budget cycle.

E-6 Commissioner Norman led a discussion regarding adult use facilities next to schools and neighborhoods. He presented examples such as the adult use sex mall on Fowler Avenue, near Miles Elementary School, and the adult use site east of I-275 on Fowler Avenue. The Board directed the County Administrator to work with the property owners, School Board, and Sheriff's Office on this issue to examine ways in which public safety can be addressed. Tony Shoemaker will be responsible for scheduling a meeting with the parties involved and preparing a report back to the Board on July 12.

E-7 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding proposed billboard legislation. The Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter to the Legislative Delegation expressing our concern about the bill and the problems it will create for Hillsborough County. Also the Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter to the Governor requesting that he veto the bill. Helen Levine will be responsible for preparing letters for the Chairman's signature by May 4.

E-8 Commissioner Scott led a discussion regarding support of a resolution for Leon County Commissioner Rudy Maloy for the position of 2nd Vice President of NACo. A motion to adopt the resolution failed by vote of 3-4.

E-9 Commissioner Hart led a discussion regarding MPO meeting of May 2nd. Following the Board's discussion, a motion was passed to reaffirm the Board's position to Secretary Hartmann regarding the six-lane option regarding the Gandy Corridor and request that any materials that will provide additional insight be provided. Tom Thomson will be responsible for preparing the letter to Secretary Hartmann by May 5.


F-1 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until May 17 the Quarterly report regarding the Blue Ribbon Committee on County Finances and the Florida TaxWatch recommendations. This item will be rescheduled on the Consent Section of the May 17 BOCC agenda.

F-2 The Board received the staff report regarding Legislation Affecting Local Governments and Tampa's Bid to Be Host City for 2012 Olympics. No action was required.

F-3 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until May 17 the staff report on Hillsborough County's Water Conversation Committee Formation.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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