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Wednesday, April 19, 2000
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, April 19, 2000, BOCC Meeting


John Vodenicker, representing Ernst and Young, LLP, presented the Hillsborough County All Inclusive Financial Report for FY ended September 30, 1999. No action was required.

Commissioner Storms requested that the County Administrator review the possibility of having a clock that is viewable by the audience that indicates time limits of audience participation. Mike Foerster will be responsible for following through on the purchase of an appropriate clock for the boardroom by June 2.

The Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter to the Tampa Sports Authority regarding Egypt Temple (Shrine) Amateur Radio Association's request to place communication tower on top of Raymond James Stadium. Mike Kelly will be responsible for preparing a letter for Chairman Frank's signature by April 21.


Items A-1 through A-83 were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

A-42 Following a Board discussion regarding a 30-day contract extension for wastewater sample pickup and delivery services, the Board concurred with Ted Grable's recommendation to delete the item from the agenda. The Board requested a report on 1) the Water Department's contact with the vendor regarding an extension to the contract; and 2) how this service will be handled in the future, both short and long term. Tony Shoemaker, with the assistance of Ted Grable, will review this matter and distribute a report to the BOCC by May 5.

A-83 The Clerk of Circuit Court requested deletion of the Tampa Sports Authority item relating to the construction of Legends Field Baseball Complex. Commissioner Platt indicated that when this item comes back to the Board, her question will relate to whether a conflict exists between Hillsborough County and the Property Appraiser by the approval of this item. The County Attorney will be responsible for responding to this question.

Items that require additional follow-up are as follows:

A-17 The Board received the report regarding staffing for the Consumer Protection Board. However, the Board directed that the staffing issue be scheduled for consideration as part of the budget deliberations. Cretta Johnson will prepare a follow up report on Commissioner Wacksman's comments relating to inconsistencies by May 5. Eric Johnson will be responsible for scheduling this issue during the budget process.

A-31 Michael Raposa will be responsible for rescheduling on May 3 the agenda item regarding the Lonnie Napier Good Neighbor Award.

A-74 The County Attorney will be responsible for rescheduling the report regarding Commissioner Norman's request of follow-through on clean-up efforts of walls and bridges near highways utilizing community resource workers.


Three individuals spoke during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

- Terry Desmond spoke regarding Boy Scouts working for merit badges.

- Mark Klutho spoke regarding sustainable buildings.

- Floyd Irwin spoke regarding religious issues.


B-1 The Board approved the scheduling of a workshop regarding discussion of findings of the Jail Population Projection Committee, as requested by the Public Safety Coordinating Council.

B-2 The Debt Management Department, along with representatives of TriBrook, presented a review of Florida Health Sciences Center, Inc. three-year business plan. Debt Management's review included a series of four recommendations for enhancing the plan. The Board received the plan, but took no further action.

B-3 The Board discussed a proposed Land Exchange Agreement with Leslie Land Corporation. The Agreement provides for Hillsborough County to convey approximately 112 acres of land to LLC. In exchange, Hillsborough County receives approximately 22 acres of land plus a completed Horses for Handicapped Facility constructed thereon. Also, Hillsborough County receives fair market value compensation for the 112 acres in the amount of $1,412,500. Following the Board's discussion, this item was continued until May 17. The Board directed that Pat Bean be designated to facilitate a community meeting during this interim period to attempt to bring consensus in the community for the land exchange. Pat Bean will schedule the necessary community meetings prior to May 17. Mike Kelly, with the assistance of Ed Radice, will prepare the agenda item for the May 17 agenda. The agenda item will include a financial plan as well as an overall utilization plan, taking into consideration the School Board and Hillsborough Community College.

B-4 The County Attorney's Office requested deletion of the settlement of the case of Hillsborough County vs. Time Warner Entertainment-Advance/Newhouse Partnership, et al., Case No. 00000915, Division B.

B-5 The Board authorized the Chairman to sign an addendum to the contract with the Florida Department of Community Affairs to receive funds from the State's Division of Housing and Community Development, Community Development Block Grant Special Appropriations Program.

B-6 The Board approved a grant from the U. S. Department of Labor for $6 million for a Youth Opportunity Program. However, the Board requested that staff determine if the enterprise zone can be expanded to include a portion of unincorporated Hillsborough County. Also staff was requested to determine if unincorporated residents can participate in the youth opportunity program. Gene Gray will be responsible for researching this information and distributing a report to Board members by May 19.

B-7 The Board authorized the County Attorney's Office to advertise and set a public hearing on May 3, 2000, at 4:00 p.m., to consider an ordinance providing for liens in favor of all operators of hospitals in Hillsborough County and in favor of Hillsborough County when it pays for medical care, treatment, or maintenance of qualifying residents of the county. The County Attorney's Office will be responsible for preparing the agenda item for the May 3 agenda.


C-1 The Board adopted the five ordinances amending the effective dates of Impact Fee No-Fee Transportation Zone Ordinances.

C-2 The Board adopted a proposed ordinance amending Hillsborough County Parking Ordinance No. 98-48. This approval included a directive to staff to review the designated parking spaces addressed by Commissioner Storms for re-lining. Don Harwig will be responsible for follow-through on Commissioner Storms' request by May 12.

C-3 The Board held a public hearing regarding County partnership proposal regarding Tampa General Hospital. A special called meeting has been scheduled for a continuation of this discussion on Wednesday, April 26, at 10:30 a.m.


D-1 Mr. Jerome Ryans, Executive Director of the City of Tampa Housing Authority, requested a deferral until May 17 for presentation of an update on projects at Tampa Housing Authority and the impact they have, if any, on Hillsborough County. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for rescheduling this item on May 17.

D-2 The Board approved a request by Tom Morrison, Counsel for the Hillsborough County Industrial Development Authority, concerning an application for $6.89 million tax-exempt Bond (IDA) financing from Independent Day School.

D-3 The Chair of the Head Start Policy Council presented its quarterly report. No action was required.

D-4 Mr. Robert M. Clifford, AICP, District Planning Manager, presented a status report on the ongoing Interstate improvements in Hillsborough County. No action was required.

D-5 Wit Ostrenko, President, MOSI Foundation, presented a request for additional land for Museum of Science & Industry. The Board considered this item in the morning session and directed that staff bring back funding options later in the meeting. Ultimately, the Board approved the funding option as outlined in the written material provided by Management and Budget.

D-6 H. L. Culbreath, Chairman of the Florida Health Science Center, Inc. Board, made opening comments and introduced Jeremy Ross to review the FHSCI response to the Commission's partnership proposal. Mr. Ross discussed each of the points and identified the areas of agreement between the two boards. The County Administrator was directed to meet with Mr. Ross and the County Attorney to determine if further agreement could be attained. The County Administrator will bring back a report to the Commission on April 26, 2000, at 9:00 a.m.

D-7 The Board approved a resolution authorizing the creation of a Community Redevelopment Agency for the City of Temple Terrace request by representatives of the City of Temple Terrace. Gene Gray will be responsible for sending the resolution to appropriate parties.


E-1 Due to time constraints, the reports from Commissioners was not heard.

E-2 No appointments were made to various boards and councils.

E-3 The Board received a letter from Mayor John Dicks, City of Plant City, advising Plant City is presently reviewing all water conservation methods for their community. The Board passed a motion to receive and acknowledge the letter. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for preparing a letter for the Chairman's signature acknowledging the letter by April 26.

E-4 The Board received correspondence from Charles Hinton, Florida Strawberry Growers Association, requesting the BOCC to consider reducing tipping fees for disposal of agricultural plastic at the county landfill for the period open burning of this material is not permitted by the Division of Forestry. The Board concurred with the staff recommendation for adoption of resolution implementing the Solid Waste emergency event rate for the disposal of agriculture plastics. Gene Gray will be responsible for sending the resolution to appropriate parties by April 20.

E-5 Commissioner Norman recommended that the Board direct staff to open discussions with Pasco County on a pilot program for the landscaping and beautification of County Line Road between its west end west of Dale Mabry, and its east end east of Bruce B. Downs Boulevard (CR 581). Discussions are to include design standards with possible locations for improvements; and estimated costs. County staff is to present an interim report to the Board within 90 days of this Board action. The Board approved Commissioner Norman's request for Board endorsement. Susan Adams will be responsible for representing Hillsborough County in these discussions and will schedule a report back to the Board on July 12.


F-1 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until May 3 the report regarding news racks in the right-of-way.

F-2 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until May 3 the Quarterly report regarding the Blue Ribbon Committee on County Finances and the Florida TaxWatch recommendations.

F-3 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until May 3 the report on the Anticipated Impact of Electronic Commerce on Hillsborough County Revenues.

F-4 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until May 3 the report regarding the current legislative plan for implementing Article V.

F-5 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until May 3 the report regarding legislation affecting local governments and Tampa's bid to be the host city for 2012 Olympics.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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