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Monday, January 10, 2000
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, January 5, 2000, BOCC Meeting


Items A-1 through A-82 were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

A-28 Staff requested deletion of the bid regarding HCC Head Start facility exterior wood deck.

A-42 Staff requested a deferral until January 19 to consider the bid for one cookie cutter dredge and aquatic vegetation removal system. Ted Grable will be responsible for scheduling this item.

Items that require additional follow-up are as follows:

A-10 The report and recommendations on initiatives to reduce energy use and save costs will be scheduled on the January 19 BOCC agenda. Ned Baier will be responsible for scheduling this item.

A-73 The Board established a public hearing date for January 19, 2000 at 2:00 p.m. to consider an amendment to Hillsborough County Ordinance 96-33 relating to Solid Waste Collection and Disposal Assessments to amend the assessment requirements for Mobile Home Parks that choose residential Solid Waste Collection Services. Emeline Acton will be responsible for scheduling this item.

Audience Comments:

Eight individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

Denise Layne spoke regarding the proposed bill creating a County Mayor form of government. Ms. Layne also spoke on an issue relating to a church being built without permits in Livingston Acres. This matter was referred to staff for review. Susan Adams will be responsible for reviewing the handout presented at the meeting and will provide a status report via memorandum to the Board by January 10. Ms. Adams will also schedule a staff report for the January 19 BOCC meeting.

Aldyce Garms spoke regarding comments made by Ralph Hughes at the December 15 meeting regarding impact fees.

John Craig spoke regarding the Sunnydale Mobile Home Park, located in the city limits of Tampa. He advised of code and health violations resulting from pollution. The Board directed that this matter be referred to EPC for review and scheduling on the EPC Agenda for January 20. Lelia Blevins provided a copy of the captioning to Roger Stewart for review. Roger Stewart will be responsible for scheduling this item on the next EPC agenda.

Ralph Hughes spoke regarding impact fees. This item was also addressed as a part of agenda item F-2.

Marilyn Smith spoke regarding Y2K efforts, departmental telephone procedures, and Tampa Bay Water issues. Ms. Smith requested that the County acquire and archive tapes of meetings of the 18-member committee that developed the TBW agreement. Pat Bean will investigate this request and distribute a report to Ms. Smith, with a copy to the BOCC by January 17.

Janet Hiltz spoke regarding the proposed bill creating a County Mayor form of government in Hillsborough County.

Floyd Irwin spoke regarding religious issues.

Mark Klutho spoke regarding transportation funding and sustainable buildings.


B-1 Assistant County Administrator Jimmie Keel provided a report and recommendation regarding the “Year of the Child” item initiated by Commissioner Wacksman during the December 15 BOCC meeting. Board members discussed various options and subsequently adopted a motion to empower Commissioner Wacksman, along with staff, to schedule a meeting of all appropriate children’s agencies, including the Children’s Board, Children’s Constituency, etc., for the purpose of discussing Commissioner Wacksman’s proposal. Issues such as, overlap of services and how best to invest grant and tax dollars are to be discussed. A report and recommendation are to be brought back to the Board on March 1. Jimmie Keel will be responsible for scheduling a meeting and preparing a report to the Board on March 1.

B-2 The Board adopted a policy relating to the process for the investigation and response to citizen comments, complaints, and/or requests for services filed with the Board of County Commissioners and in support of Administrative Directive #173. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for distributing the policy and directive, as appropriate, by January 13.

B-3 The Board took action on the thirteen local bills which will be considered by the Hillsborough County Delegation on January 14, 2000, as follows:

LB01 – Support
LB02 – Oppose and reaffirm previous letter to Delegation from the BOCC.
LB03 – Support, as amended.
LB05 – Support and direct the County Administrator and County Attorney (in conjunction with the Clerk of Circuit Court and Public Transportation Commission) to develop an interlocal agreement for approval by all parties by the end of February 2000. Eric Johnson will be responsible for scheduling a meeting of appropriate parties and preparing an agenda item for the February 16 meeting.
LB04 - Monitor
LB06 – Support
LB07, LB08, LB09 – Support
LB10, LB11, LB12, LB13 – No position

Helen Levine will be responsible for preparing a letter for the Chairman’s signature outlining the Board’s action

B-4 The Board authorized staff to negotiate an agreement with Star Development to purchase a drainage easement for storage capacity to provide flood relief in the Sanson Park vicinity. This is a public/private partnership.

B-5 The Board adopted option 2 in the report regarding the use of alcoholic beverages on County property and adopted proposed Board Policy superseding Board Policy related to the use of County real estate to include a reference to the use of alcoholic beverages on County property. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for distribution of the policy.

B-6a,b The Board approved a contract with Leroy Simpkins and Wanda Keels Shelley in the amount of $30,000 to acquire 10 acres of land surrounded/landlocked by the County’s Cone Ranch property. Also the Board approved a budget amendment to appropriate $30,500 to provide for funding for purchase and closing cost for the property.

B-7 The Board received information regarding the background, mission, and organization of the Hillsborough County Water Resource Team. No action was required.

B-8 The Board directed the County Attorney’s office to advertise for public hearing on January 19, 2000, at 2:00 p.m. an Ordinance extending by super-majority vote a one cent local option motor and special fuel tax (known as 9th cent gas tax and/or Pennies for Potholes) until December 31, 2011.

B-9 The Board accepted County Audit Report 82, Parks and Recreation cash control audit, follow-up to report 73, into the official records. Commissioner Platt requested a report on why it costs money to implement the requirement for instructors of the program to receive a form 1099 for federal income tax reporting. Ed Radice will schedule a report to the Board on February 2.

B-10 The Board approved a request of Executive Director Bob Hunter to provide funding in the amount of $45,000 for census support. Eric Johnson will be responsible for preparing a budget amendment and scheduling an agenda item for the January 19 agenda.






E-1 Commissioners presented reports regarding various authorities and councils on which they serve, as follows:

Commissioner Wacksman briefly spoke regarding the issue of noise barriers in the I-4 corridor to Commissioner Scott, since the construction will take place in his district.

Commissioner Platt personally acknowledged and thanked each of the Board members for their support and vote to fund the successful fireworks display on January 1. She has received several requests to schedule similar events in the future and suggested that staff identify future projects that the City and County can jointly sponsor for the community.

Commissioner Hart spoke with reference to Commissioner Wacksman’s report on noise barriers in the area of I-275 and I-4 and suggested that FDOT be invited to attend the upcoming workshops on transportation (Committee of 99 recommendations). Tom Thomson will be responsible for contacting FDOT and inviting representatives to attend.

Commissioner Frank requested that staff schedule an item at the end of the Land Use meeting on January 11 to discuss the Board’s appointment to Tampa Bay Water. Paula Harvey will be responsible for scheduling this item.

Commissioner Scott indicated that he would be traveling to Phoenix in the very near future to attend a corrections conference.

E-3 Commissioner Storms requested a deferral until January 19 for rescheduling the discussion regarding an ordinance to address signs and building facades in the right-of-way on Highway 60. Lelia Blevins will be responsible for rescheduling this item.

E-4 Commissioner Wacksman led a discussion on the priority status of the widening of Benjamin Road. Staff had provided a written report on the project as part of the agenda materials. Following the Board’s discussion, a motion was passed to include a discussion of policy issues relating to the rating method of the level of service on roads in the upcoming transportation workshops. Tom Thomson, with the assistance of Susan Adams, will prepare this item as part of the upcoming workshops on transportation.


F-1 Kevin McConnell presented a staff report concerning the Cedar Grove Mobile Home Park evictions. Commissioner Platt suggested that staff review legislation pertaining to evictions and determine if any changes need to be made. Kevin McConnell, in conjunction with the County Attorney’s Office, will review the legislation and report back to the Board by February 15.

F-2 Lucia Garsys presented a report regarding representations by Mr. Ralph Hughes at the BOCC Meeting of December 15, 1999. Lucia Garsys advised the Board that as indicated in the 12/1/99 agenda item, the report will be scheduled on the no fee zone relating to transportation and right-of-way impact fees and water and sewer capacity on the 1/19 BOCC agenda. This report will include all of the financial implications, economic impact and the land use information requested by the Board. Also the ordinances to implement the no fee zone will be brought to the Board on January 19, as requested by the BOCC on January 5.

Also, as requested by the Board, a separate agenda item will be scheduled regarding time payment and waiver of impact fees and for subdivisions platted and built out prior to 1985. This item will include information concerning number of subdivisions and acres.

F-3 Eric Johnson presented a report regarding developing cost data and internal competition for professional services. This report is in response to the Blue Ribbon Committee Report. No action was required.

F-4 Eric Johnson presented a report regarding an implementation schedule related to defining service standards. This report is in response to the Blue Ribbon Committee Report. No action was required.

F-5 Jimmie Keel presented an update regarding drafting of an ordinance covering moving companies. The Board authorized the County Attorney’s Office to draft an ordinance which is to be brought back to the Board for a public hearing date on March 1. The Board specified that MacDill Air Force Base is to be included. Emmy Acton, in conjunction with Jimmie Keel, will be responsible for preparing the agenda item for the March 1 agenda.

F-6 Pat Bean presented a report on Y2K compliance efforts. She reported that 1) the County Administrator conducted three press conferences related to Y2K; 2) staff was present in the Emergency Operations Center on New Year’s night; 3) follow-up testing of systems on Tuesday; 4) all systems were working, with exception of one fax machine; and 5) $8.5 million was spent on preparation, but clearly the alternatives would have cost considerably more.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator
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