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Friday, October 22, 1999
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, October 6, 1999, BOCC Meeting

Recap of October 6, 1999, BOCC Meeting


Items A-1 through A-91 were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

A-58 Staff requested deletion of the bid regarding sole source purchase of an Incident Reporting System.

A-70 Motion approved with addition of “ no amended language as the School Board and staff has recommended”.

Items that require additional follow-up are as follows:

A-71 Staff requested a deferral until November 3 for the proposed Board Policy regarding use of alcoholic beverages on County-owned property to allow staff time to secure detailed information from the Museum of Science and Industry, the Center Place Cultural and Civic Center and Legends Field Baseball Complex about the status of their alcoholic beverage license. Mike Kelly will be responsible for rescheduling this item.

A-78 The Board approved scheduling a public hearing for November 17, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. for the purpose of adopting a resolution to state the Board of County Commissioners’ intent to use the Uniform Method of Collecting a Non-Ad Valorem Assessment. This assessment is to fund a portion of capacity and/or accrued guaranteed revenue fees, otherwise payable upon connection to the County’s water and/or wastewater system, for property located within twenty-two (22) established Capacity Assessment Units. The County Attorney’s Office will be responsible for rescheduling this item.

A-80 The Board approved scheduling a public hearing on October 20, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. to consider adopting an ordinance amending Hillsborough County Ordinance 98-54, pertaining to the Code Enforcement Board and Special Master. The County Attorney’s Office will be responsible for rescheduling this item.

A-81 The Board approved scheduling a public hearing on November 3, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. to consider enactment of a proposed ordinance licensing Rave Clubs and restricting minors’ access to Rave Clubs. The County Attorney’s Office will be responsible for rescheduling this item.

Audience Comments:

12 individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

Yolanda Price and Jim Boyce of Software Installed spoke regarding A-53, rejection of bid submitted by their company.

Bob Wooten spoke on the importance of directing funding to maintain the infrastructure

Fred Hearns spoke in support of A-22, funding to improve the West Tampa Branch Library.

Nolan Cook spoke regarding Hillsborough County’s water supply and the placement of a reservoir.

Roy Opfer, President of the Boys and Girls Clubs, spoke in support of B-5, the expansion of Jackson Springs Park.

Marilyn Smith spoke on the shopping cart issue, Hartline, and the CAC.

Ulreka Rolinatas spoke in support of B-5, the addition of a YMCA in the Town ‘N Country area.

Sheryl Bradford spoke on water issues, and requested that Public Hearings be held at more convenient times.

Mark Klutho spoke regarding energy saving methods.

Bill Helm spoke regarding animals being used for experimentation in laboratories.

Joyce Smith spoke in support of A-70 and the ELAPP purchase and in support of B-5, the expansion of Jackson Springs Park and the addition of a YMCA in that area.


B-1 The Board approved the resolution and interlocal agreement with the City of Tampa to authorize use of $166,000 per year in tourist tax revenue for 20 years so the City of Tampa can renovate and improve the Tampa Convention Center.

B-2 The Board adopted a resolution renaming the main downtown public library the “John F. Germany Public Library.”

B-3 The Board approved the Scope of Services and authorized staff to proceed with advertising the Request for Proposal for the Capital Construction and Maintenance Group performance audit which includes the Capital Program Administrator, the Public Works and Real Estate Departments.

B-4 The Board directed the County Attorney to proceed with the ordinance process that would require stores to install measures to ensure that shopping carts do not leave the store property, and review the Miami ordinance regarding this issue.

B-5 The Board deferred until the Board sets a policy regarding private operation of recreational facilities on County property and access by all citizens, a proposal for the YMCA to lease County property in Town ‘N Country and to build and operate a $3.1 million YMCA/Community Center and a $1 million expansion to the Jackson Springs Recreation Center in Town N’ Country. Ed Radice will return to the BOCC within 30-45 days with a recommended policy.

B-6 The Board continued to the Land Use Meeting on October 12 discussion of a resolution removing the designation of Anderson Road as a limited access facility and requests for access to Anderson Road to be processed pursuant to the access management regulations contained in the Land Development Code.

B-7 The Board adopted an ordinance amending Ordinance 96-13 to impose a Court fee for the public guardianship program and set for a public hearing on November 3, 1999 at 2:00 p.m. to consider its adoption.

B-8 The Board directed staff to prepare a letter for the Chairman’s signature to the Legislative Delegation asking the Legislature to amend enabling legislation to place jurisdiction of basic life support ambulance services in Hillsborough County with the Emergency Medical Planning Council. Helen Levine is responsible for preparing this letter.


C-1 The Board approved, in accordance with the BOCC’s Policy for the Public Involvement in Tampa Bay Water Projects, the Environmental Management Plan for the Central System Wellfields pursuant to Sections 3.12, 3.13, and 3.16 of the Governance Agreement with no arbitration.

C-2 The Board approved the Hartline Impact Fee Capital Improvement Program list of projects for 1999-2004.

C-3 The Board adopted an ordinance amending Hillsborough County Child Care Homes Licensing Ordinance 98-58.

C-4 The Board adopted an ordinance amending Hillsborough County Child Care Facilities Ordinance 97-3.


E-1 Commissioners presented reports regarding various authorities and councils on which they serve, as follows:

Commissioner Scott reported on a Port Authority conference he attended in New York City last week. Commissioner Storms declared that changing tariffs in the citrus industry will be devastating for the citrus industry and the State of Florida as Florida supplies 50% of the citrus juice for the entire nation. Commissioner Scott took note of these remarks as a member of the Port Authority.

Commissioner Frank discussed issues related to the MPO. Discussion followed regarding funding for transportation. Commissioner Wacksman requested that the Board take a stance on “Pennies for Potholes” before the March 2000, referendum.

Commissioner Platt reported on her meeting with Mayor Greco and his legal staff regarding adult businesses and the adult use ordinance.

E-2 Appointments to various boards and councils. Greg Cox and Patricia Heiser were appointed to the Emergency Medical Planning Council.

E-3 The Board received correspondence from Dr. Warren Clark and Karen Clayton, Hillsborough Task Force on Hunger, requesting the BOCC ask the County Administrator to present a report in November covering the progress made over one year on implementing recommendations for addressing hunger. The Board concurred with staff’s recommendation that the Task Force be notified that an update will be scheduled in November.

E-4 The Board received correspondence from the Tampa Bay Partnership Executive Committee urging elected officials to stay the course and allow Tampa Bay Water the chance to meet the objectives set out by its member governments and the Legislature. The Board voted to have staff draft a letter for the Chairman’s signature declaring that the Board is not trying to undo the governance agreement, but to live within it’s framework as issues must be raised and resolved in the best interest of Hillsborough County citizens. Rick Garrity will prepare this letter.

E-5 The Board received correspondence from Sheriff Cal Henderson advising the recently enacted bill entitled “Kayla McLean Child Protection Act”, an unfunded mandate, has placed an unforeseen financial burden on their current budget. Although a budgetary amendment is not requested at this time, it may be necessary to make such a request in FY 2000. Eric Johnson responded to this correspondence today.

E-6 The Board received a request by Representative Sandy Murman that the BOCC participate in a meeting scheduled on December 16th, but did not agree to the request by Rep. Murman of the establishment of a task force to study the Civil Service Board. The Board requested that the County Administrator, Sheriff, and the Clerk of the Circuit Court meet to review the Audit and inform the Legislative Delegation of their findings. Helen Levine will be responsible for preparing a letter for the Chairman’s signature notifying the Delegation of the Board’s response to this correspondence.

E-7 Commissioner Frank led a discussion regarding Tampa Bay Water Projects. The Board agreed with staff’s recommendation not to approve the easement for pipelines on County property located on Falkenburg Road where the Sheriff and Clerk have issues relating to their facilities. The Board directed Water Team staff to meet with Tampa Bay Water and explore options for the pipelines and report back to the BOCC.

E-8 The Board confirmed the nomination of Wade Boggs for the Favorite Sons and Daughters award. Mike Foerster will be responsible for contacting Mr. Boggs about receiving the award.

E-9 Commissioner Storms provided an update on the expansion of the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway. A video tape was shown at this time which described the proposed use on the Expressway of new trends in traffic safety and relieving traffic congestion.

E-10 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding the use of walkie-talkies and cellular telephones by County staff. Roger Dean will be responsible for reporting back to the Board on this issue.
E-11 Commissioner Wacksman led a discussion regarding support of the Great American Teach-In. Charlotte Emrick will be responsible for preparing a BOCC Proclamation endorsing this event. An E-Mail will be sent by Roger Dean notifying employees of this event.

E-12 The Board continued until the October 12 Land Use Meeting discussion of correspondence from Senator Tom Lee inviting the BOCC, or their designated representative(s), to appear before the Delegation’s Performance Audit Ad Hoc Committee on October 20, 1999 at 9:00 a.m. Debbie Gotwalt will prepare this item for the October 12 meeting.


F-1 The Department of Aging Services presentation of department functions was deferred.

F-2 Mike Merrill presented a report on third update on status of County Audit Report #68, Ice Palace Ticket Surcharge Records Audit. No action was required.

F-3 A report was presented regarding Hillsborough County’s Health Care Program. No action was required.

F-4 The County Administrator presented a quarterly report regarding the Blue Ribbon Committee (BRC) and the Florida Taxwatch recommendations. The Board directed staff to prepare a letter for the Chairman’s signature to the BRC regarding the progress the County has made in response to the recommendations of the BRC. Eric Johnson will prepare this letter.

F-5 The County Administrator presented the Committee of 99 Report. No action was required.

Note: A workshop was held after the regular BOCC meeting regarding the impact of additional Homestead Exemption for seniors. The Board will continue discussion at the October 20 BOCC Meeting at 4:30 p.m., at which time action will be taken. A separate recap will be prepared on the workshop.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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