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Friday, October 1, 1999
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, September 15, 1999, BOCC Meeting

Recap of BOCC Continuation Meeting of September 15, 1999 Held on September 29, 1999

At the beginning of the continuation meeting, the Board took action to cancel the 3:00 p.m. workshop on the Northwest Community Plan, and instead, incorporate the staff/consultant briefing into the public meeting scheduled at 6:00 p.m.

II-a The Board approved a request from Waste Management to allow the company to file for a rate increase on garbage collection. (A clerical error was made by Waste Management in not sending a letter of notification by July 1, 1999.) Daryl Smith, in conjunction with the County Attorney’s Office, will prepare a modification to Waste Management’s contract documents to effect the Board’s action on October 20.

II-b The Board approved a budget amendment to appropriate $38,000 from Reserve for Contingency in the General Fund to provide funding for personnel costs for FY 99 in the Community Liaisons budget.

B-11 The Board approved a novation agreement to assign to Liberty Waste, Inc. the Kimmins Recycling solid waste collection franchise contract with the County.


E-1 Commissioners provided reports on issues pertaining to various authorities and councils on which they serve, as follows:

ÿ Commissioner Frank reported that the Hospital Authority discussed the mission and values relating to Tampa General Hospital. The Authority took action to have a fiscal analysis conducted of the financial situation at TGH. Also the County Attorney’s Office has been reviewing the Hillsborough County bond issue in regard to this situation.

In a related TBW discussion regarding property exchange, easements, etc., the Board requested a staff report regarding all the County issues associated with the reservoir project. Rick Garrity will be responsible for providing a report to the Board on November 3.

Commissioner Wacksman reported on his involvement with the Metropolitan Planning Organization Policy Committee relating to traffic signalization. The policy committee will make its recommendation to the MPO at its next meeting.

Commissioner Hart reported on activities of the Aviation Authority and SWFWMD and presented handouts on both agencies to members of the BOCC.

Commissioner Storms reported on an incident which occurred at the Tampa Bay Water meeting. Also she reported on the content of a survey which was conducted by TBW.

Commissioner Storms advised of a position taken by Tampa Bay Water on the purchase of a voting machine to record votes of TBWBoard members.The Board passed a motion to authorize the Chairman to send a letter to Tampa Bay Water requesting that TBW fully comply with Sunshine laws and Robert’s Rules of Order. The Board felt that each vote should be recorded by name as a standard procedure of government and business. Pat Bean will prepare the letter for the Chairman’s signature.

Commissioner Storms reported that increased tolls on the Crosstown Expressway will go into effect as of October 3.

Commissioner Norman reported that the Tampa Sports Authority discussed a YMCA/City of Tampa partnership regarding Rogers Park. Also the Authority is revamping its committee structure.

Commissioner Platt reported on activities of the Millennium Committee. Further, she reported that on December 11, the Gandy Bridge Friendship Trail will open.

Also Commissioner Platt encouraged staff to monitor agenda items and activities of the Agency on Bay Management, which is made up of regulatory agencies in this area. Rick Garrity will be responsible for monitoring these activities.

E-2 Appointments were made to various boards and councils.

E-3 Correspondence was received from Brandon MacGillis, Ozone Action, and Nancy Skinner, ICLEI, requesting Hillsborough County to sign Mayor and Local Official Statement on Global Warming. The Board concurred with staff’s recommendation to review with EPC and report back to the Board by December 1999. Sue Adams will be responsible for following through on this item.

E-4 Correspondence was received from Martin Wisgerhof, City Clerk for City of Plant City, enclosing copy of Resolution No. 116-1999, providing notice of the proposed enactment of Ordinance No. 21-1999, an ordinance annexing to the City of Plant City certain real property. Mary Helen Campbell will be responsible for preparing a letter of thanks for the Chairman’s signature.

E-5 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding Estuary Habitat Restoration Partnership Act of 1999 (S835 and HR1775). The Board approved letters of support as contained in the agenda written material.

E-8 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding the possibility of the Board enacting an ordinance that would require developers and home sales people to openly disclose roadway construction with prospective buyers. Specifically, she mentioned the Gornto Lake Road in Brandon as an example. She suggested that staff review this matter, get input from the builders community, and provide a report back to her for her information. Sue Adams will be responsible for following through on this request for Commissioner Storms. Sue Adams will complete this assignment by December 15.


County Attorney Emeline Acton reported on the County’s win of the Geraci law suit.

The Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter to the Governor requesting the appointment of ADA Coordinator Sandra Sroka to the Florida Developmental Disabilities Council. The letter was faxed to the Governor’s Office and Appointments Office on the evening of September 29.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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