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Thursday, September 9, 1999
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Thursday, September 9, 1999, BOCC Meeting


Items A-1 through A-100 were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

A-13 Staff requested deletion of the 2nd modification to agreement with St. Joseph’s Hospital, Inc. under the Ryan White CARE Act adding funding for the provision of adherence services.

A-20 Staff requested deletion of the Gates Learning Foundation Grant for computer hardware and software and budget amendment to appropriate $183,149 awarded by the Gates Learning Foundation for the Tampa-Hillsborough County Public Library System.

A-30 Staff deleted the Policy regarding dealing with a Reserve Account, as this item is a duplicate of item A-34.

A-32 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until September 15 the BOCC policy on Service and Program Delivery. Eric Johnson will reschedule this item on September 15.

A-33 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until September 15 the BOCC policy on Fact Based Decision Making. Eric Johnson will reschedule this item on September 15.

A-34 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until September 15 the BOCC policy on Budget Amendment for Turnover Savings. Eric Johnson will reschedule this item on September 15.

A-63 The Board deferred until September 8 (BOCC Workshop date) the renewal of the travel services agreement with AAA Travel Agency. Lelia Blevins will reschedule this item for a time certain on September 8.

A-75 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until September 15 the letter to the FCC opposing changes proposed that would pre-empt local laws affecting telecommunication antennas. Mike Kelly will reschedule this item.

A-79 Staff requested a deferral until September 15 for the report regarding competitive proposals for solid waste transport services. Daryl Smith will reschedule this item.

A-86 The Board continued until September 8 (BOCC Workshop date) the real estate instruments required by the supplemental agreement to the governance agreement on property the County conveyed to Tampa Bay Water. Mike McWeeny will reschedule this item on September 8.

Additional follow-up is required on the following:

A-35 The Board authorized setting a public hearing date for September 15, at 2:00 p.m., to accelerate Phases IV and V(a) of the Falkenburg Road Jail Expansion project. Staff was directed to make certain operating costs are included in the discussion. Eric Johnson will be responsible for coordination and scheduling this item on the September 15 agenda.

A-76 Mike Kelly will reschedule on September 15 the report on locating four regional service centers in the northwest, east (Brandon), south and Plant City areas.

A-77 Mike Kelly will reschedule on September 15 the report on a proposed board policy superseding an existing policy regarding the use of alcoholic beverages on County-owned property.

A-88 A public hearing date was approved for September 29 at 5:30 p.m. to consider an ordinance amending the Child Care Homes licensing ordinance 98-58. The County Attorney’s Office will prepare an agenda item for the public hearing.

A-89 A public hearing date was approved for September 15 at 5:00 p.m. to consider an ordinance amending the Child Care Facilities Ordinance 97-3. The County Attorney’s Office will prepare an agenda item for the public hearing.

Audience Comments:

Seven individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

- Lynn McGarvey, Janet Hiltz, and Laura Swain spoke in support of the “less-than-fee acquisition” of ELAPP land.

- Bob Wooten spoke on the retired air carrier, special group Olympics, and Raymond James Stadium.

- Rick Dukes spoke regarding Ed Cope, of EPC, representing SWFWMD as a consultant and indicated his opposition to the proposed well field. Roger Stewart will be requested to contact Mr. Dukes and provide a report back to the Board.

- Cheryl Bradford spoke in support of the “less-than-fee acquisition” of ELAPP lands and regarding Tampa Bay Water issues.

- Bill Helm spoke regarding Bills of Attainder and animal testing in laboratories.


B-1 Pat Bean presented a verbal report regarding the work group’s review of the hospital lien issue. The Board passed a motion not to place this issue on the agenda for the September 10 Round Table discussion with the Legislative Delegation; however, this issue was added to the Legislative Program as a work-in-progress item. Additionally, the Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter to the Tallahassee work group exploring a statewide lien bill. Pat Bean will prepare the letter for the Chairman’s signature by September 8.

B-2 The Board approved the recommended schedule of meetings for the BOCC for the 2000 calendar year. Lelia Blevins will distribute the approved schedule countywide by September 10.

B-3a The Board approved the scheduling of a workshop on the impact of additional Homestead Exemption for seniors. This workshop will be scheduled on October 6 from 4:30 - 5:30 p.m.
B-4 Water Team Issues:

a. The Board received the status report on expenditures of the Water Team. The Board requested a clearer presentation on where various expenses were charged. Mike McWeeny will be responsible for providing this information to the BOCC.

b. The Board approved the establishment of Funds for Tampa Bay Water Issues, as follows:

1) Budget amendment to transfer $3,167,000 in General Fund revenue from the Central Facilities Maintenance Shop capital project to provide the balance of FY 00 funding for review of Tampa Bay Water Projects.

2) Resolution to amend the FY 99 - FY 04 CIP to delete the Central Facilities Maintenance Shop from the funded program (and add the project to the unfunded project listing).

c. The Board approved the agreement for Professional Consulting Services with D. Anderson Smith, P.G., as a sole source in an amount not to exceed $250,000 for assistance with the Tampa Bay Water new water supply projects proposed to be located in Hillsborough County, and authorize the Chairman to execute same.
d. The Board approved the 1st amendment to agreement for professional consulting services between the Board and Breedlove, Dennis & Associates, Inc. increasing the not-to-exceed amount by $200,000, with all other terms and conditions to remain the same.

B-5 The Board approved a resolution and amended and restated interlocal agreement with City of Plant City to authorize use of up to $400,000 a year in tourist tax revenue so Plant City may pay off a Promissory Note used to finance construction of the Plant City Stadium and incur indebtedness to renovate and improve the stadium to accommodate the International Softball Federation.

B-6 The Board approved a budget amendment to appropriate $530,261 (FEMA - $409,301; State match - $33,196; County match - $87,765) in disaster relief funds for FEMA-3131-ED-FL, Supplement #0, awarded by the Department of Community Affairs for costs associated with Hurricane Georges. Hillsborough County’s match requirements of $87,765 is provided by the Unincorporated Reserve for Contingency.

B-7 Helen Levine presented for adoption the 2000 State Legislative Program. The Board approved the State Legislative Program as presented, but took action to eliminate support for the transportation sales tax. A general statement concerning transportation funding and a policy statement concerning the hospital lien law were added to the program. An earlier-adopted item on W. Tampa Library was deleted from the program.

B-8 The Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter to Representative Sandy Murman, Chair of the Hillsborough County Legislative Delegation, suggesting four items for discussion at the Delegation round table meeting. The four items are the BOCC Legislative Program for the 2000 session, a status report on the Committee of 99, an update on Hillsborough HealthCare and an update on water issues.

B-9 The Board approved leasing the new facility at the University Area Park to the University Area Community Development Corporation, Inc., a Florida non-profit corporation qualified by the Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) agency for 30 years with two 5-year options for one dollar a year; and, entering into a 10-year User Agreement with the University Area Community Development Corporation for use of designated space at the University Area Community Center for the Parks and Recreation Department at a cost of $245,000 for the first 5 years and $270,000 for the remaining 5 years. Commissioner Norman inquired about funding from the NFL for a youth oriented facility for education and enrichment. Following the BOCC meeting, Ed Radice advised that the plan is still in the works, including a bus with the NFL logo, a facility at Mort Elementary and special programing at the USF area site.

B-10 Due to time constraints, the discussion of road projects in Pasco County was deferred until September 15. Dan Kleman will prepare the written material for this item.

B-11 The Board approved a budget amendment to appropriate $20,000 from the Reserve for Contingency in the Unincorporated Area General Fund and $25,362 from the Oak Utilities Operating Fund’s Reserve for Contingency to provide for expenditures related to the Oak Utilities Operating Project Fund; Realize $125,000 of revenue from the Environmental Protection Commission which was originally appropriated in the FY 98 budget and reduce the Fund Balance Carry Forward in the FY 99 budget by $75,181.

B-12 The County Attorney requested a deferral until September 15 for the status report regarding a legal opinion rendered by the Attorney General in response to a request from the BOCC and the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission. The County Attorney’s Office will be responsible for rescheduling this item.

B-13 The Board confirmed the appointment of Anthony Shoemaker, as Assistant County Administrator for Community Services.

As an adjunct to this item, the Board directed that the County Administrator review and report back in thirty days on the addition of the three Assistant County Administrator positions to the senior management class of the Florida State Retirement System. Also, staff was requested to provide information on how Hillsborough County’s benefit package compares with other counties and large corporations of equal size. Sharon Wall will prepare a report and recommendation for the October 6 BOCC Agenda.

B-14 The Board approved a 4th amendment to agreement with Florida West Group, Inc. to extend the term of their lease (Sobik’s) in County Center.

B-15 The Board concurred with the County Attorney’s recommendation to reject the franchise fee deficiency settlement offer of Time-Warner.


C-1 The Board held a public hearing and approved an amendment to Animal Services Fee Schedule (BOCC Policy by increasing licensing tag fees by $5.00, effective October 1, 1999, and in accordance with Board Policy (User Fees and Cost Recovery ) establish a cost recovery rate.

C-2 The Board voted not to initiate binding arbitration of Tampa Bay Water’s six Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE) permits i.e., North-Central Hillsborough Intertie; Brandon Urban Dispersed Wells Collection System; South-Central Hillsborough Intertie; Alafia River Intake and Pump Stations; Tampa Bypass Canal Intake, Pump Station and Pipeline; and Tampa Bay Regional Water Treatment Plant) applications in accordance with the BOCC’s Policy for Public Involvement in Tampa Bay Water Projects pursuant to sections 3.12, 3.13 and 3.16 of the Governance Agreement.


D-1 Shirley A. Ryals, Co-Chair, Hillsborough Community 2000 Millennium Committee, presented an update on millennium activities. No action was necessary.

D-2 Sheriff Cal Henderson presented a verbal report on the 800 MHz system. Sheriff Henderson indicated that will return at a future date with a status update. Ted Grable will work with the Sheriff’s Office and will be responsible for identifying the next date for presentation by the Sheriff.

D-3 Attorney Don Gifford, representing the Tampa Sports Authority, requested approval of a License Agreement with AT&T Wireless Services, Inc. for installation of a cellular telephone antenna bank on the Raymond James Stadium. The Board approved the request.

D-4 Don Barber, Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, presented the Chamber of Commerce's report on proposal for updating economic strategy. No action was required.


E-4 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding a request that the County Administrator meet with Colonel Diehl, MacDill Air Force Base, regarding memoranda of understanding on such issues as libraries, health care, drug abuse, and law enforcement. Also per Commissioner Norman’s suggestion, the County Administrator was directed to review with the Commander the possibility of having MacDill AFB appointments on such boards as the Aviation Authority, Port Authority, MPO, and HARTline.

E-5 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding request by Wayne Wood for Hillsborough County’s Land Excavation Special Use Permit Regulation. Mr. Wood requested that the Land Development Code be amended to require truck scales as part of the permitting process. This matter was referred to staff for discussion with the affected parties and a review of alternatives for the most effective method of dealing with this problem. Susan Adams will prepare a report and schedule for the Land Use Agenda on October 12.

E-6 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding less-than-fee acquisitions of environmental lands. The Board approved her motion to schedule a workshop to discuss all issues relating to less-than-fee acquisitions. Board members requested that staff provide copies of the BOCC minutes of the previous discussion on “less-than-fee acquisitions” and provide information on available ELAPP funds. Mike Kelly will be responsible for workshop materials when the workshop date is confirmed.

E-7 Commissioner Wacksman led a discussion regarding position in support of the “cease fire” gun buy-back program.

E-8 Commissioners Norman and Platt led a discussion regarding options pertaining to the City of Tampa’s approval of Adult-Use facilities.


F-1 Staff requested a deferral until September 15 for the Report regarding developing cost data and a competitive environment for professional services. Eric Johnson will reschedule this item on September 15.

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