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Tuesday, August 24, 1999
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, August 18, 1999, BOCC Meeting


Items A-1 through A-70 were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

A-28 Staff requested deletion of the report regarding competitive proposals for public safety security services operations late night shift. This item will be rescheduled with other Blue Ribbon Committee recommendations.

A-59 The Board continued until September 1 the proposed board policy superseding Board Policy regarding use of alcoholic beverages on County-owned property. Several legal issues were raised concerning exemption of certain properties who have state-granted alcoholic beverage licenses and the issue of Sunday hours at the Brandon Library, which is adjacent to Center Place. Mike Kelly, in conjunction with the County Attorney's Office, will research the issues raised during this discussion and reschedule on the September 1 Agenda.

Additional follow-up is required on the following:

A-63 The Board approved setting a public hearing date on September 15 at 2:00 p.m. to consider adopting the Final Assessment Resolutions required by Ordinance 96-7. Mike McWeeny will prepare an agenda item and schedule this item for September 15.
Audience Comments:

Eleven individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

Don Gore spoke regarding taxes on Raymond James Stadium.
Bob Wooten spoke regarding special interests and democracy.

James Evans, representing the Tampa Bay Academy of Hope, requested funding assistance for his organization. He previously submitted a funding request for $10,000 to assist with youth programs. The Board referred this item to staff for review. Eric Johnson will review the funding proposal and respond to Mr. Evans, with a copy to the BOCC, by August 27.

Rena Dickson spoke in support of the funding request for Tampa Bay Academy of Hope.

Cheryl Bradford spoke regarding the SWUCA position statements and thanked Commissioner Hart for taking the initiative on this issue. She also spoke on the public involvement policy relating to Tampa Bay Water issues and requested further clarification of the policy. She indicated that she will provide these questions, along with any other questions, to staff in writing for a response.

Gaye Townsend also spoke on the SWUCA position statements, Livingston Road, and Hog Island Lake. She thanked Commissioners Frank and Storms for their work on Tampa Bay Water issues.

Rick Dukes thanked the BOCC for their work on Tampa Bay Water issues.

Marilyn Smith spoke on Tampa Bay Water issues, responsiveness and personnel issues.

Mark Klutho spoke regarding sustainable communities and buildings.

Joyce Smith spoke regarding the Animal Services Ordinance and requested that any adjustment to fees be considered during a public hearing.

Barbara Merritt expressed concern about the intersection of MLK Boulevard and Orient Road, which Public Works is already working on. She also spoke regarding incorrect information being presented during various community meetings on Land Development Code and plan amendments and suggested that the County Attorney review the material prior to staff providing verbal responses at community meetings. In order to clarify this effort, Commissioner Platt suggested that videos regarding the Comprehensive Plan and Land Development Code be made available in the County Libraries for check-out. Bernardo Garcia will provide a status report to the Board on the intersection of MLK Boulevard and Orient Road on August 27. The County Attorney and Pat Bean will review the material referenced above and insure the accuracy and appropriateness of information disseminated by staff. Helen Levine will continue work on the videos for placement in County Libraries by October 1.


B-1 The Board approved the scheduling of the following workshops:

a. Workshops, as necessary, to receive Committee of 99 recommendations. The County Administrator was requested to come back to the Board with a time line for the upcoming workshops. The first workshop has been scheduled for November 10 at 9:00 a.m.

b. Lutz/Keystone Community Plan (requested by the Planning Commission). The workshop has been scheduled for October 13 at 3:00 p.m.

c. Proposed Tampa Bay Regional Reservoir. The workshop has been scheduled for September 29 at 9:00 a.m.

B-2 The Board concurred with the County Attorney's recommendation that the Board of County Commissioners not join in the Planning Commission's request for an opinion from the Attorney General's Office on the issue of whether the Planning Commission has a legal right to review the County's impact fee ordinances as land development regulations.

B-3 The County Attorney deferred until September 1 the status report regarding a legal opinion rendered by the Attorney General in response to a request from the BOCC and the Hillsborough County Public Transportation Commission. The County Attorney will reschedule this item on September 1.

B-4 The Board continued until September 1 approval of the allocation of the 3% portion of the Tourist Development Tax funds for FY 2000 and FY 2001, as indicated in the agenda written material, and as recommended by the Hillsborough County Tourist Development Council. Eric Johnson will provide more detailed information on tax revenue allocations at the September 1 meeting.

B-5 Staff requested a deferral until September 1 for approval of an interlocal agreement with City of Plant City to authorize use of up to $400,000 a year in tourist tax revenue so Plant City may pay off a Promissory Note used to finance construction of the Plant City Stadium and incur indebtedness to renovate and improve the stadium to accommodate the International Softball Federation. John Dausman will reschedule this item for September 1.

B-6 Applications of Lazy Days RV Center, Inc.:

a. The Board approved Lazy Days RV Center, Inc.'s specific applications for 50 jobs qualifying for the County's Employers Impact Fee Mitigation Program and Employer's Water & Wastewater Capacity Fee Mitigation Program. In accordance with the rules of the Programs, the County agrees to provide funding up to $61,250 to mitigate assessed development impact fees and water & wastewater capacity fees stipulating the creation of 50 quality new jobs with wages meeting or exceeding 115% of the County's annual average wage within 12 months of this development's completion (estimated to occur in January of 2000).

b. Per the applicant's request, the Board deferred until September 1 the item to disapprove Lazy Days RV Center, Inc.'s specific applications of 350 jobs to the County's Employers Impact Fee Mitigation Program and Employers Water & Wastewater Capacity Fee Mitigation Programs on the grounds the program rules were not met.

B-7 The Board discussed the drafting of an ordinance regarding abandoned shopping carts similar to that of the City of Clearwater, with the Office of Neighborhood Relations coordinating the efforts of citizen leaders, HARTline, the Sheriff's Department and other County staff, to eliminate the carts abandoned at bus stops. Several questions were raised during the discussion, and thus, the Board continued this item until September 15 to allow additional time for staff research. Michael Raposa will research the State law and provide answers to questions raised during this discussion and schedule an agenda item on October 6. (This date was changed from September 15 to October 6 due to scheduling conflicts. Commissioner Wacksman has agreed to the new date for scheduling.

B-8 The Board received community input regarding the University Area Park Facility and continued the lease and user agreement until the September 1 BOCC meeting. Ed Radice will reschedule this item for September 1.

B-9 The County Administrator presented a report regarding enforcement of the upland habitat ordinance. The Board authorized a letter to the Environmental Protection Commission, including a statement for the support of items 1 and 2. Sue Adams will prepare a letter for the Chairman's signature by August 24.

B-10 The briefing by Water Team on Monitoring Program will be scheduled on August 18 during the Environmental Protection Commission meeting.

B-11 The Board ratified the decision of the Water Team not to file for binding arbitration regarding Tampa Bay Water's Optimized Regional Operations Plan for 1999.


C-1 The Board approved the establishment of separate, uniform rates for the various street lighting classifications for the 1999 Tax Year, by approving the proposed rate schedule, and adoption of the non ad valorem assessment roll for street lighting for the 1999 Tax Year.

C-2 The Board adopted an ordinance amending Hillsborough County Animal Control Ordinance 81-20, as previously amended, as presented by Bill Armstrong and the County Attorney's Office. The Board's approval of the ordinance is to include the requirement of a public hearing on Animal Services rate increases and including a "display ad" in the newspaper.




E-1. Commissioners presented reports regarding various authorities and councils on which they serve, as follows:

Commissioner Scott reported that the Tampa Port Authority discussed its budget at the last meeting.

Commissioner Wacksman reported that the Metropolitan Planning Organization had a very productive meeting this month.

Commissioner Platt reported that the Coastal Clean-up, being sponsored by Keep Hillsborough Beautiful, is scheduled and encouraged everyone's participation. Also the committee is reviewing potential locations for the greenhouse.

Commissioner Hart reported on the Public Transportation Commission meeting in which the Mason-Carr suit was discussed. Commissioner Hart also passed out information on the Chamber of Commerce study on International Trade.

Commissioner Storms reported on the Head Start Council public hearing.

E-3 Correspondence received by the Board.

a. A letter was received from Roberto R. Ruelo, Secretary/Legal Adviser, Philippine Cultural Foundation, Inc., requesting a letter from the Chairman supporting their application for state grant. The Board authorized the Chairman to send the proposed letter in the agenda written material. Lelia Blevins will forward the letter to Commissioner Platt for signature by August 20.

b. A letter was received from Tammy McKinney, Director JBI Justice Benefits, Inc., urgently requesting letters from the Chairman regarding funding for the State Criminal Alien Assistance Program (SCAAP) now, and in future fiscal years. The Board authorized a letter of support. Lelia Blevins will prepare a letter for the Chairman's signature by August 26.

c. A letter was received from Richard C. Woltmann, Executive Director of Bay Area Legal Services, requesting that the BOCC instruct the County Attorney to draft and ordinance amending Ordinance 89-20 to increase the filing fee surcharge allocated to Bay Area Legal Services, Inc., for an effective date of October 1, 1999. The Board also received a letter from Chief Judge Dennis Alvarez requesting similar action on Ordinance 96-13 (as amended by Hillsborough County Ordinance 99-04) regarding certain County court filing fees allocated to the Court Facilities Fund and on probate, guardianship, and trust filing fees to be allocated for the Office of the Public Guardian. The Board authorized the County Attorney's Office to draft both ordinances, realizing that Ordinance 96-13 will require a longer period of time to complete the amendment process. The County Attorney's Office will draft an ordinance amendment to Ordinance 89-20 and schedule the public hearing on September 15. The County Attorney's Office will draft the ordinance amendment Ordinance 96-13 and schedule for public hearing on October 6.

d. A letter was received from Robert Hunter, Executive Director, The Planning Commission, requesting the BOCC and the Planning Commission schedule a workshop to discuss the Hillsborough County Comprehensive Plan, the Vision, TPC budget and work program, and Robert Freilich's work concerning the implementation section. The Board authorized the scheduling of a workshop of at least 1 & 1/2 hours. Lelia Blevins will schedule the workshop for October or November by August 27.

As an adjunct to this item, Commissioner Frank suggested that Bob Hunter provide information from the Planning Commission regarding the issue of annexation.

e. A letter was received from Warren Clark, D.Min., Executive Director, Cars for Success!, requesting the Board's endorsement of this program. The Board referred this matter to the Citizens Advisory Committee for review and recommendation. Edith Stewart will insure that this item is scheduled on the CAC Agenda for consideration by September 24.

E-4 Commissioner Hart led a discussion regarding SWUCA's Seven Draft Proposed Position Statements. Scott Emery provided an explanation and clarification of the position statements. This item is to be scheduled for action by the EPC and BOCC during the Environmental Protection Commission meeting on August 19, at 11:30 a.m.

E-5 Commissioner Norman led a discussion regarding an amendment to the Firearms Sales Ordinance 99-1. The Board directed that the County Attorney's Office bring back a proposed amendment to the ordinance prior to setting a public hearing. The County Attorney's Office will draft a proposed amendment and present to the Board on September 15 for establishment of a future public hearing date.

E-6 Commissioner Norman deleted the item for discussion regarding including $3.4 million in the County budget for payment of property taxes on the Raymond James Stadium.

E-7 Commissioner Scott deleted the item for discussion regarding renaming County building in honor of Dr. Jerry Harvey.

E-8 Commissioner Storms deferred until September 1 the item for discussion regarding request by Wayne Wood for Hillsborough County's Land Excavation Special Use Permit Regulation.

E-9 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding citing of day care organizations for misuse of County parks. Ed Radice provided staff's comments on this issue and recommended that the County's current policy be used to control any misuse, with further reinforcement being given by sending a letter to the group or person responsible for misuse. Ed Radice will implement the Board's action.

E-10 Commissioner Wacksman led a discussion regarding a request for an agreement with Harry Lee Coe, III, State Attorney regarding the need for office space to implement a community based senior victims' program. The Board concurred with the request. Mike Kelly will contact the State Attorney's Office and coordinate the Board's action.

E-11 Commissioner Wacksman led a discussion regarding the possibility of forming an inter-generational pilot program. He advised that he has been working on a program to preserve history from our senior citizens. The program includes a project for children to video tape some of our elderly citizens, primarily focusing on the World War II generation. Commissioner Platt suggested that Jan Stein become involved and possibly include this program as part of the 2000 Millennium Celebration. Jesus Lima and Richard Tribunella will coordinate with Jan Stein on this program.


F-1 The County Administrator presented a report on 3rd meeting of the Committee of 99. Commissioner Frank inquired as to the attendance at the meetings. Pat Bean will prepare an attendance chart for distribution to Board members by August 27.

F-2 The County Administrator presented a report regarding update on Year 2000 Compliance. No action was required.

F-3 The County Administrator presented a report regarding HARTSAVERS bus pass administrative controls and tax implications of subsidized bus passes. No action was required.

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