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Monday, July 26, 1999
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Thursday, July 22, 1999, BOCC Meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Jan Platt gave a tribute to Dr. Jerry Harvey, African-American Liaison, who passed away a few days ago. Dr. Harvey was a 34-year employee of Hillsborough County.


Items A-1 through A-96 were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

A-25 The Animal Services fee schedule was continued until August 18. Bill Armstrong will reschedule this item for August 18 and arrange for Bob Eckles to attend.

A-36 The Board continued until August 4 the modification to the contract with Administrative Services, Inc., relating to provision of third party administrative services. The Board directed that the County Administrator personally review this item. Cretta Johnson will arrange a briefing on this item for Dan Kleman by July 30 and reschedule on the August 4 Agenda.

A-46 The Board continued the budget amendment to realign $55,000 for the HARTSAVERS Bus Passes Program and requested that staff bring back additional information in the form of a staff report. Eric Johnson will conduct further research and prepare an agenda item for the August 18 meeting.

A-53 The Board disapproved the selection of a technical assistance provider for the Economic Development Department. This matter will be considered following receipt of a comprehensive report on small business economic development. John Dausman will present an overall report and alternatives on technical assistance for Board consideration on November 3.

Additional follow up is required on the following:

A-2 The Board received the report regarding the Hillsborough County Council of Governments' Sign Program designating joint governmental use projects. However, the Board directed that the report be referred to the Council of Governments. Edith Stewart will prepare a letter for the Chairman's signature forwarding the report to COG by July 30.

A-17 The public hearing authorized for consideration of street lighting rates for the 1999 tax year will be scheduled for the August 18 meeting by Bernardo Garcia.

A-88 The report regarding the proposed land exchange with the Leslie Land Corporation will be rescheduled on the August 4 Agenda by Mike Kelly.

Audience Comments:

Eighteen individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

Bob Wooten spoke regarding zoning issues and a fence issue pertaining to Charles Himsel.

Denise Lane, Alyce Garms, Laura Swain, Tom Jones, and Cheryl Bradford spoke in opposition to the proposed $150,000 cut in the Planning Commission budget.

Denise Lane also spoke regarding a memorandum from Commissioner Norman regarding duties and responsibilities of the Planning and Growth Management Department, Planning Commission, and the Environmental Protection Commission as it relates to planning. Board members discussed the possibility of scheduling a workshop in the near future to further discuss this issue and requested that the request for scheduling a workshop be placed on the Land Use Agenda for July 27. Paula Harvey will schedule this item on the Land Use Agenda for July 27 at 11:00 a.m.

Cam Oberting spoke regarding the contamination of wells in the Thonotosassa area (Agenda Item B-11).

Lynn Garvey advised that the Greenways Committee voted unanimously in support of the changes to the Upper Tampa Bay Trail.

Lynn Tubbs spoke regarding paving of her road (Agenda Item A-11).

Ann Castens, of the Animal Protection League, and Joyce Smith spoke regarding the proposed increase in Animal Services fees (A-25).

Ralph Hughes spoke in support of the $150,000 cut in the Planning Commission budget.

M. J. Williamson, with the Florida Consumer Action Network, spoke regarding the contamination of wells in the Thonotosassa area. She had communicated with Cam Oberting on this issue.

Ed Crawford thanked the Board for its quick action on the Town ‘N Country Greenway Trail issue.

Marilyn Smith spoke on the animal fees increase and suggested that the lobbying ordinance be revisited in the near future.

Pauline Grant expressed concern about smoking near the entrance into the County Center and suggested that a distance limitation be implemented. She also spoke in opposition to the proposed Planning Commission budget cut.

Katoya Wright expressed concern about alleged inappropriate activities taking place at the USF Head Start facility. This matter was referred to the County Administrator and County Attorney for review and report back to the Board and the citizen. Pat Bean and the County Attorney will review the concerns and distribute a report to the Board by August 6.

Mark Klutho spoke on sustainable buildings, appointments to the Committee of 99, and the Forrestal.


County Administrator

B-1a The Board approved the scheduling of a workshop regarding Fire Rescue staffing and response times. Lelia Blevins will schedule this workshop for some time after October 1, 1999.

Office of Management Analysis

B-2a&b The Board awarded Alternate B (Request for Proposal No. S-579-99) for the Human Services Group performance audit to the best proposer, Valiente, Hernandez & Co., P.A. in the not-to-exceed amount of $166,250 for a contract term effective with the date of the County's Notice to Proceed to terminate one year later, and reject the proposal from MGT of America as non responsive for reasons stated in the Background. An associated budget amendment was approved for realignment of funds to cover the full cost of the contract.

County Attorney's Office

B-3 Staff requested a deferral until August 4 for consideration of the report regarding use of alcoholic beverages in County parks.

B-4 The Board discussed the Sheriff's Office 800 MHz radio communications system and associated problems. The Board did not act to approve the $500,000 for Y2K compliance requested by Ericsson, Inc. Instead, the Board directed that the County Administrator and County Attorney attempt to make progress in insuring that the Sheriff's Office has a working radio system, considering legal action, if necessary. Any costs relating to Y2K compliance should be born by the vendor - not Hillsborough County. Monthly progress reports are to be provided to the Board. Bill Studer, with assistance from Ted Grable, will prepare reports to the Board, beginning with the September 1 Agenda.

B-5 The verbal report on the 800 MHz Radio System for the Sheriff's Department that was scheduled as part of this item is included in item B-4 above.

B-6 The County Attorney requested a continuance of the report and recommendation regarding water main and zoning buffer encroachment relative to Marriott ACLF to the Land Use Meeting on July 27, 1999. Paula Harvey will schedule this item on the July 27 Land Use Agenda.

B-7 Following several revisions, the Board adopted a workplace violence policy. Lelia Blevins will distribute countywide the revised BOCC policy.

B-8 Staff requested a deferral until August 4 for consideration of the letter of agreement with Crime Stoppers of West Central Florida, Inc.

Parks & Recreation Department

B-9 Staff requested a deferral until August 4 for consideration of leasing the new facility at the University Area Park to the University Area Community Development Corporation, Inc. Ed Radice will reschedule this item on the August 4 Agenda.

Planning & Growth Management Department

B-10a&b The Board approved staff's recommendation to revise the scope of the Upper Tampa Bay Trail to eliminate Phase II-B from the County's Capital Improvement Program, and realign the funding and revise the schedule for all UTBT CIP projects, as described in Attachments A and B. Also, an associated budget amendment was approved to realign $533,000 in CIP funds among UTBT projects to match the scope.

Water Department

B-11. Mike McWeeny and Daryl Smith presented a report and alternatives regarding public water service in the Hillsborough Heights/Taylor Road community. Following the Board's discussion, this item was continued until August 4 in order to review reports on the well testing. As directed by the Board, Mike McWeeny, with assistance from Sue Adams, Daryl Smith, and Mike Merrill, will provide copies of the consultants' reports on the testing, information relating to any other contamination sources, and an analysis of the effect a Comp Plan Amendment would have in this neighborhood. Bond Counsel will also be contacted by Mike McWeeny to attend on August 4.

Economic Development Department

B-12. John Dausman presented a report regarding economic programs to promote quality job creation, as directed by the Board on May 5. Following discussion, the Board continued this matter until September 1. The Chamber of Commerce was requested to coordinate with other governmental agencies in providing an outline and scope of the project. As directed by the Board, John Dausman will provide the SRI report and schedule this item for the September 1 meeting.

Management & Budget

B-13. The Board continued until August 4 the subscription agreement with Novus Services Inc. to allow departments to accept credit cards from customers to pay for County services. Additional information was requested as to the costs and bad debt. Board members are also interested in the success of credit card programs in other comparable size counties. Eric Johnson will compile the information requested by Board members and reschedule on August 4.

Real Estate Department

B-14. Staff requested a deferral until August 4 for consideration of the proposed board policy superseding Board Policy regarding use of County-owned real estate to include a reference to the use of alcoholic beverages on County-owned property. Mike Kelly will reschedule this item on August 4.


Community Improvement Department

C-1. The Board held a public hearing and adopted the County's amended FY 1998-99 Action Plan contained in the FY 1998-2001 Consolidated Planning Document and the Action Plan for 1999-2000. The annual Action Plans consolidate funding applications for the Community Development Block Grant, Emergency Shelter Grant, and HOME funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).


D-1. John Fitzgerald and Mike Olsen of Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful presented the Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful's annual report. No action was required.


E-1. Commissioners presented reports regarding various authorities and councils on which they serve, as follows:

Commissioner Hart indicated that he would provide a report to the Board at the next meeting on his involvement with International Trade and resolutions adopted by the National Association of Counties. He reported on other activities involving the National Association of Counties.

Commissioner Platt reported that the Tourist Development Council is in the final stages of their budget process. Recommendations are forthcoming to the Board.

Commissioner Frank and Commissioner Storms reported on the items discussed at the Tampa Bay Water meeting held on July 19. Commissioner Frank advised that the TBW Executive Director's contract extension was not approved, the desalination plant location at Big Bend Road was approved, the water purchase agreement was adopted, and $425 million in bonds were authorized to be sold.

E-3. Correspondence received by the Board.

a. A letter was received from Barbara Romano, Chair, Agency on Bay Management, regarding EPA Management, Operation and Maintenance (MOM) Program. The Natural Resources/Environmental Impact Review Committee of the Agency on Bay Management is recommending that every community around Tampa Bay partake in a sewer system self audit program. The Board approved a letter of support for the program. Mike McWeeny will prepare a letter for the Chairman's signature to Agency on Bay Management by July 30.

b. A letter was received from Warren Clark, D.Min., Executive Director, Cars for Success!, requesting the Board's endorsement of this program. This matter was referred to staff for review. Jimmie Keel will conduct a review of the program and prepare a report to the Board on August 18.

E-4. Commissioner Storms deleted the item regarding the County's Share-A-Van Program.

E-5. Commissioner Storms deleted the item regarding erosion problem in subdivision.

E-6. Commissioner Wacksman deleted the item regarding welcome signs for Town ‘N Country.

E-7. Commissioner Norman led a discussion regarding development of a committee to craft a hospital lien ordinance proposal to go to our Legislative Delegation. Following discussion, the Board instead passed a motion to revive the TGH Work Group, chaired by Pat Bean, for the purpose of reviewing current issues relating to the lien law and making recommendations for action back to the BOCC. Pat Bean will meet with the work group and report back to the Board at the September 1 meeting.

E-8 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding televising the public meeting regarding Cone Ranch and Dispersed Wells scheduled for Saturday, July 24, 1999. The Board approved televising the public meeting and authorized staff to seek reimbursement for associated costs from Tampa Bay Water. Mike Foerster will insure that the meeting gets televised and replayed on HTV.

E-9 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding a letter of support for the Florida Park Service, Alafia River State Recreation Area. The Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter of support. Ed Radice will draft the letter for the Chairman's signature by July 23.

E-10 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding nomination of Nupur Lala for the Favorite Sons and Daughters Award. The Board approved the proposed nomination. Mike Foerster will schedule the presentation for the August 4 Agenda.


Planning & Growth Management Department

F-1. Staff requested a deferral until September 1 for the report regarding transportation and reimbursement alternatives for jurors. Ned Baier will reschedule the report for the September 1 Agenda.

Information Technology Services

F-2. Roger Dean presented a report regarding update on Year 2000 Compliance. No action was required.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator


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