Thursday, May 6, 1999
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, May 5, 1999, BOCC Meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, Chairman Platt presented a letter from Hillary Rodham Clinton congratulating Hillsborough County on its selection as an official Millennium Community. Also a plaque was presented by the White House Millennium Council on this designation.

Consent Section:

The consent agenda, containing 61 items, was presented to the Board for consideration. Five items were removed from consent by Board members for questions or discussion. All of the consent items were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

I-A-1f Staff requested a deferral until May 19 on the Moses White Demolition (SBE set-aside project) for the Community Improvement Department.

I-E-1 The County Attorney’s Office requested a deferral until May 19 on the lawsuit against the estate of Karen Oliff Brantley to recover a Health and Social Services Department claim.

Additional follow up is required on the following:

I-B-6 The report regarding long term paratransit operations will be scheduled on June 16. Cretta Johnson will reschedule the report.

I-C-15 The report regarding a problem of being land locked due to building of church will be rescheduled on May 19. Bernardo Garcia will reschedule the report.

I-C-17 The report regarding truck traffic through Progress Village will be scheduled on May 19. Bernardo Garcia will reschedule the report.

Audience Comments:

Eleven individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

Charles Himsel spoke regarding a Code Enforcement Board decision. The County Attorney advised that the BOCC has no jurisdiction in this matter.

Bob Wooten spoke regarding Tampa Bay Water issues.

James Roush spoke in opposition to phase three of the Providence Road improvements project.

Larry Padgett spoke regarding the Lutz School site. Assistant County Attorney Ray Allen indicated that since this matter is in litigation, it would not be appropriate to comment on this issue.

Glenn Waddell spoke regarding agenda item I-C-17 (truck traffic through Progress Village) and requested that the Board consider either dealing with the MPO or advertising the issue for discussion and participation by all segments of the community who would be affected by a decision on the truck traffic.

Hannah Head spoke regarding animal issues and water contamination.

Marilyn Smith spoke regarding the shopping cart ordinance, budget issues, funding allocation by the TDC for the Brandon Balloon Festival, and Blue Ribbon Committee recommendations.

Carlton Lewis spoke regarding Hartline bus transfers.

Mark Klutho spoke regarding sustainable buildings.

Floyd Irwin spoke regarding religious issues.

Joyce Smith spoke regarding the joint meeting with Florida Health Science Center and the Hospital Authority regarding indigent health care. Also she encouraged the Board to carefully consider the appointments that will be made to the Hospital Authority in September.

Public Hearings:

III-1 The Board adopted an ordinance amending Ordinance 96-13 regarding court fees in connection with the use of certain fees for debt service on bonds for the Courthouse expansion project.

Scheduled Appearances:

IV-1 Charles Bagby, Engagement Partner with Deloitte and Touche LLP, presented results of the annual countywide financial audit. Formal receipt of the audit is to be placed on the consent agenda for the May 19 meeting, in order to allow Board members sufficient time to review the audit. Sue Parrish will schedule this item on the Clerk’s consent agenda.

Regular Agenda:

V-A-1 Staff requested a deferral for acceptance of the title from Tampa Sports Authority for Raymond James Stadium. Eric Johnson will reschedule this item when research is complete and in order for Board consideration.

V-A-2 The Board approved a funding agreement with the Tampa Foreign Trade Zone Board, Inc., which provides $5,000 for management and promotion of the zone.

V-B-1 The Board approved Bill Armstrong’s recommendation to transfer ownership of neglected dogs to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay and selected animal rescue groups so the dogs and puppies may be placed into loving homes as soon as possible.

V-C-1 The Board approved the following budget amendments.

a. Water Department - Dedicate $3,401,481 in capacity fees for payment of Debt Service. Funding for this dedication is provided by the Utility System Capacity Fees General Operating Account.

b. Water Department - Accept and appropriate $4,500,000 to record financing of enterprise related FLGFC loans A-2-3 and A-4-3 and record new loans A-2-4 ($2,000,000) and A-4-4 ($2,500,000). These funds will provide for RWIU projects to be budgeted in funds 40-041 (Utility System RWIU/FLGFC #1 Fund) and 40-042 (Utility System RWIF/FLGFC #2 Fund).

V-C-2 The Board heard a report from Manasota-88 regarding a recent Little Manatee River Study and endorsed staff’s recommendation to address actions requested of the Board.

V-C-3 The Board approved in concept the USF Area Traffic Calming Project. The funding options are to be addressed on June 2, including consideration of the Twelve Oaks project. Bernardo Garcia will prepare the agenda written materials for this item for the June 2 BOCC meeting.

V-D-1 The Board approved scheduling of the following workshops and public hearings, which relate to the Community Based Planning Program:

a. Northwest Hillsborough Project - public meeting in the community and one public hearing in boardroom.
b. Brandon Main Street Project - public meeting in the community and one public hearing in boardroom.

c. Community Design Regulations Project - BOCC workshop and public meeting in boardroom.

Commissioner Frank requested that staff coordinate with Board members’ calendars prior to scheduling meetings in the community. Lelia Blevins will follow through on this request and distribute a report to the Board by June 4.

V-F-1a The Board approved a budget amendment for Environmental Protection Commission to appropriate $51,944 to allow for previous year transactions in the EPA/Clean Air Program Grant Fund to be reconciled in FY 99 and for the grant to be closed out. Funds are provided by the Reserve for Contingency-General account in the Countywide General Fund.

V-F-2 The Board heard from Gene Gardner, several constitutional officers, and several employee committee representatives regarding the Civil Service recommendations on the classified pay plan proposal. The Board acted to receive the report and directed that a workshop be held to further discuss the pay plan proposal. Each Commissioner is to provide their questions to either the County Administrator or Gene Gardner in advance of the workshop. Briefings will be scheduled with Commissioners who have not already received an individual briefing. The workshop has been scheduled for Tuesday, May 18, at 1:30 p.m. Sharon Wall will insure that briefings are scheduled, notify all constitutional officers of the workshop time, and prepare agenda materials for the workshop.

V-G-1 Michael Zagorc, Clerk of Circuit Court Auditor, presented audit findings on County Audit Report # 77, State Housing Initiative Partnership (SHIP) Compliance Audit. The Board directed that the Community Improvement Department report back on the status of the audit recommendations on June 30. Kevin McConnell will prepare a report and schedule it on the June 30 BOCC Agenda.

Commissioners’ Section:

VI-1 Commissioners presented reports regarding various boards and councils on which they serve, as follows:

Commissioner Norman briefly reported on the MPO meeting. Also he wanted to insure there is proper coordination between agencies regarding timing and expenditures of MPO projects.

Commissioner Platt advised that the Millennium kick-off is scheduled for May 12, at 5:00 p.m., at the University of Tampa.

Commissioner Scott indicated that he is writing a letter to the Hospital Authority regarding the prioritization of indigent health care.

Commissioner Wacksman reported that Hartline is reviewing the bus transfer issue.

VI-2 The Board made appointments to various boards and councils.

VI-3a The Board received a letter from Jay McCloe, Director, Resource Development, Goodwill Industries-Suncoast, Inc., and approved a letter of support for proposal to U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. Kevin McConnell will prepare the letter for the Chairman’s signature by May 7.

VI-4 Commissioner Norman led a discussion regarding adopting policy and procedure for filing claims to insurance companies for damages to roads, bridges, street lights, traffic signs, etc. The Board referred this matter to the County Administrator, County Attorney, and Clerk of Circuit Court for review and development of a policy. Ted Grable will coordinate a meeting and report back to the Board on August 4.

VI-5 Commissioner Storms deleted the item to discuss information to the County Administrator.

VI-6 Commissioner Wacksman led a discussion regarding an abandoned shopping carts ordinance. He stressed the need for retailers to participate and suggested that another meeting be held to further discuss the issue. This matter is to be rescheduled on June 2 for Board discussion. Michael Raposa will work with Commissioner Wacksman on this issue, schedule a meeting in the Town ‘N Country area with retailers, and schedule a report on the June 2 BOCC Agenda.

VI-7 Commissioner Hart led a discussion regarding reimbursement of legal fees for County Commissioners with reference to the Grand Jury subpoena regarding Tampa General Hospital. Outside legal counsel Harry Stewart presented his legal opinion on this issue. The Board approved payment of legal fees for Commissioner Hart, Commissioner Scott, Commissioner Scott’s Aide, Commissioner Norman, and Emeline Acton.

Commissioner Frank suggested that the County Attorney’s Office review whether or not the County should have insurance coverage that would cover legal fees for employees who are sued for activities as part of their job responsibilities. Emmy Acton will review this matter and report to the Board by June 16.

VI-8 Commissioner Hart led a discussion regarding transportation appropriations included in the state budget that the legislature passed during the recent legislative session. He distributed a memo which stated his concerns about three items in the state budget relating to 1) $1 million for a transportation needs study for the Olympics, 2) $1.5 million for Tampa Area Rail Studies, and 3) $750,000 for the East-Side Transit Greenway. After discussion, the Board passed a motion to write the Governor asking him to not provide any funding to Hillsborough County for rail studies. Helen Levine will prepare a letter to the Governor for the Chairman’s signature by May 10.

Staff Reports:

VII-1 Due to time constraints, the verbal update on Legislative issues was continued to the Land Use meeting on May 11. A time certain has been assigned for 9:30 a.m.

VII-2 John Dausman presented a report regarding success of County economic programs to promote quality job creation. Several Commissioners had questions about the readiness of the County's partners in economic development to continue this performance in the future. Also the Board asked for an analysis of the large wage increases achieved by Pinellas and Duval counties. John Dausman will prepare a report on these issues for presentation to the board on June 30.

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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