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Wednesday, April 1, 1998
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, April 1, 1998, BOCC Meeting

Consent Section:

The consent agenda, containing 78 items, was presented to the Board for consideration. Four items were removed from consent by Board members for questions or discussion. All of the items were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

I-A-2d The Board rescinded the previous request by the Real Estate Department to surplus and sell property at 101 No. 12th Street. The Board took action to actively market the Ice House property at 818 E. Zack Street for a period of six months with a requirement for historic preservation of the building. The Real Estate Department will proceed with measures to secure the Ice House property at 818 E. Zack Street. Also the Board passed a motion to pursue a partnership with the Channel District and City of Tampa with respect to the records warehouse property on 12th Street, with a report and recommendation back to the Board in 90 days. Mike Kelly and Kevin McConnell will work with representatives of the Channel District and City of Tampa on a proposal and will schedule an item on the July 8th BOCC Agenda.

I-A-2q The lease for space in the West Gate Shopping Center at the intersection of Gunn Highway and Anderson Road was deferred, at staff's request, until April 15, 1998.

I-A-8 The 1st modification to the RFP with Goodwill Industries-Suncoast, Inc. for deep end services to Work and Gain Economic Self-sufficiency (WAGES) participants was deferred until April 15, 1998. Staff will provide a report on the WAGES program and Welfare Reform on the April 15th Agenda.

I-A-9 The interlocal agreement with the School Board for provision of pregnancy prevention services was approved; however, the Board requested that representatives of the School Board appear in conjunction with the above agenda item on April 15th to clarify the need for expansion of the program. John Dausman will coordinate this item and notify representatives of the School Board.

Additional follow-up is required on the following:

I-A-2p The report regarding donation of land to Trinity Gospel Church will be rescheduled for May 6, 1998.

I-A-12 The report regarding economic development priorities/funding of external agencies will be rescheduled for April 15, 1998.

I-A-13 The written guidelines on the use of phosphate severance tax revenue will be rescheduled for April 15, 1998.

I-A-14 The report regarding volunteers for the school system (Request of SERVE) will be rescheduled for April 15, 1998.

Audience Comments:

Five individuals spoke during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

Denise Lasher made several suggestions regarding the land application of septage. She suggested that EPA review the proposed site and consider aspects of endangered species, wetlands, and flood plains. Further, the county should insure that the water supply is protected from nitrate seepage into the ground as well as containment of runoff. She added that the setbacks from wetlands and residential areas should be reviewed and given the appropriate amount of setbacks.

Russell K. Williams recommended that consideration be given to not tearing down the old Tampa Stadium (Houlihan's Stadium). He stated that the structural condition has been well-maintained and kept in good repair and can be used for community events.

Cam Oberting appeared regarding the technical advisory services available through an EPA grant to the Taylor Road Civic Association. She passed out information that would hopefully clarify the need for the grant and would provide an accounting of the expenditures by the civic association.

Floyd Irwin spoke on religious issues.

Marilyn Smith spoke regarding the Sheriff's District office being constructed on County-owned land, lobbying registration, information requested from the Neighborhood Relations Office, and raises for personnel in the Neighborhood Relations Office.

Public Hearings:


Scheduled Appearances:

IV-1 David Hurley, Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee, presented a monthly report of activities of the CAC. Items being reviewed include: moral courage award, the planning committee report of the Public Safety Coordinating Council (conditional monetary bond alternative), and process for identifying community core values.

IV-2 The funding request for Article V petition drive was deferred until April 15th per request of Vivian Zaricki and John Manning, of the Florida Association of Counties. Helen Levine will insure that the latest information on the ballot is included in the material for the April 15th BOCC Agenda.

IV-3 Mr. Thomas Huggins, III, Chairman, Minority Business Citizen Participation Committee, appeared regarding the possible loss of one DM/DWBE & SBE Programs Section staff member. Following discussion of this item, the Board tabled consideration of the request. The County Administrator will bring this matter back if Board action is required.

IV-4 The Board approved a request of Grace E. Dunlap for approval of $15,850,000 Hillsborough County Educational Facilities Authority Refunding Revenue Bonds, Series 1998 (The University of Tampa Project).

Regular Agenda Section:

V-A-1 The Board received John Dausman's report and approved the recommendations in the backup regarding impact fee mitigation program. Further, the Board directed that the County Attorney draft a change to the criteria that provides for total discretion of the BOCC as to the appropriation of funds for an application to the program. Emeline Acton and John Dausman will provide a report and recommendation back to the Board on May 6, 1998.

V-A-2 The Board authorized filing with the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) a Petition for Reconsideration requesting the FCC to reconsider an order issued by the FCC's Cable Bureau regarding Franchise Fee "Pass Through" and Dallas v. FCC. Further, the Board's action included the scheduling of a workshop to discuss the issue of cable franchise fees. The workshop has been scheduled for May 13th at 9:30 a.m. Frank Turano will prepare the materials for the workshop.

V-C-1 The Board received an update on Court Facilities Improvement Project and took the following action:

Accepted the letters of support for the project;

Endorsed the updated conceptual plan for the project;

Endorsed the preliminary financing plan and scheduled it for future consideration as part of the CIP/CIT annual update process;

Approved the 6th modification agreement in the amount of $347,226 with Ra on and Partners, Inc., to provide basic architectural services for the 700 Twiggs Street Renovation Project as part of the Court Administration Project;

Advanced previously programmed CIT funds to complete the renovation of the 700 Twiggs Street building and scheduled the necessary CIT amendment item for Board consideration on May 16, 1998, (Eric Johnson will prepare this item for the Agenda);and

Directed that the building that replaces the George Edgecomb Public Service Center also be named in honor of the late Judge Edgecomb.

V-D-1 The Board approved the scheduling of the following workshop:

a. Recommendations submitted by Strategic Planning Committee of the Public Safety Coordinating Council. This workshop has been scheduled for June 10th at 1:30 p.m.

V-D-2 The Board continued its discussion of Goals and Objectives discussion from March 18, 1998, BOCC meeting. The Board approved the list of 12 goals and 47 objectives; approved the integration of the goals and objectives into the County's work program; and established December 9 and 10, 1998, as the dates for the next BOCC retreat.

V-D-3 The Board approved the recommendation of the Good Government Award Committee in the selection of Nettie Draughon as recipient of the Ellsworth G. Simmons Good Government Award.

V-D-4 The Board reaffirmed the Board's position previously taken on the EPC legislation.

V-E-1 Staff requested a deferral until April 15th of the settlement and associated budget amendment in the case of Ethel and Harold Bonds v. Hillsborough County, Case No. 96-6319 Div. J.

V-E-2 Staff requested a deferral until April 15th on the settlement and associated budget amendment in the case of Delores and Donald Cartright v. Hillsborough County, Case No. 96-8141 Div. H.

Commissioners' Section:

VI-1 Commissioners presented reports from various authorities and councils on which they serve, as follows:

Commissioner Chillura reported that the Tampa Port Authority had the official ground breaking for the administration building.

Commissioner Norman reported that the Tampa Sports Authority is changing its logo to include Hillsborough County. This was done at his suggestion.

Commissioner Berger reported on the issue publicized in the media regarding an elective surgery case at Tampa General Hospital. The grievance committee will report back on this issue at the next TGH Authority meeting.

Commissioner Hart reported on his meeting in Tallahassee with Florida Association of Counties officials and the Governor's Chief of Staff. Funding issues and regional water issues were discussed.

Commissioner Platt reported on her concern for lack of funding for National Estuary Program and SWIM program. Accordingly, she received the Board's support of a motion to ask our legislative lobbyists advocate on the County's behalf for funding for these programs, since they benefit Tampa Bay. Helen Levine will coordinate this matter.

Commissioner Platt also reported that the Save the Gandy Bridge Committee is sponsoring a barbeque on Saturday from 11:00 am to 3:00 pm, which will help cover operational costs of the Gandy Bridge.

Commissioner Scott reported that the Public Safety Coordinating Council will provide its recommendations to the BOCC in the near future in the form of a workshop. He also reported that the Children's Board is applying for federal funding for children's needs.

VI-2 Appointments were made to various boards and councils.

VI-4 Commissioner Turanchik led a discussion regarding sustainable buildings. The Board referred this matter to staff for review and recommendation back to the Board in 90 days on maximizing the incorporation of concepts of sustainable buildings regarding sustainable building types. Moreover, the Board directed that members of the community be involved in framing the recommendation back to the Board. Mike Kelly and Bernardo Garcia will coordinate this matter and contact Commissioner Turanchik to determine participants in the process.

VI-5 Commissioner Chillura led a discussion regarding analysis of taxes levied within the County vs taxes directly received by the BOCC, and pending legislation that will alter the gas tax distribution formula. Backup materials and copies of legislation were distributed by staff. No action was required.

VI-6 Commissioner Platt scheduled an item for discussion regarding SB 1246 for proposed legislation to realign boundaries and the governance of Area Agencies on Aging. It was determined that the legislation is no longer being considered; therefore, no action is required.

VI-7 Commissioner Chillura led a discussion regarding IDA restructuring. John Dausman and Emeline Acton provided a staff report in response to this item. Following the Board's discussion, the Board endorsed the idea of the County Attorney presenting to the Industrial Development Authority a proposal for providing the County's legal services to the IDA for their consideration and decision.

VI-8 Commissioner Berger requested staff's response regarding complaints received regarding transportation services being provided under the CTI. Cretta Johnson responded with information and statistics of complaints in the program. Cretta Johnson will follow up with the individual who complained about the program.

VI-9 The Board adopted a resolution objecting to HB 3795 and SB 1554 regarding air pollution control.

VI-10 The discussion regarding the County's dirt road program policy was deleted by Commissioner Berger.

VI-11 The Board discussed the schedule for the workshop and public hearing for the West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority governance issue. The schedule will be as follows:

April 8, 1998 -- Workshop to be held from 1:30 to 4:30 p.m., with public comment to be included at the end of the workshop.

April 15, 1998 -- Workshop to be held from 3:30 to 5:30 p.m., with a public hearing scheduled at 6:00 p.m. Since this is a regular BOCC meeting day, the agenda will be condensed to accommodate this schedule.

April 16, 1998 -- Continuation of the public hearing to be held at 11:00 a.m., if needed.

Staff Reports:

VII-1 The Board received a staff report on the Las Casitas project and meeting with Mayor Dick Greco. A report will be provided back to the Board on April 15th. Mike Kelly will coordinate this matter.

VII-2 Vince Pardo presented a report on neighborhood mini-grant program. No action was required.

VII-3 Pat Bean presented a staff report regarding septage handling. Following the Board's discussion, the Board directed that staff continue review of the regulations and work with both sides of the issue and bring back additional information regarding recommended setback figures.

VII-4 Frank Turano presented a report regarding Cable Advisory Committee issues, as requested by the BOCC on March 4, 1998.

VII-5 Mike McWeeny and Don Odom provided a report regarding providing public counsel to Seaboard franchise customers. The Board concurred with staff's recommendation to continue our existing policy of not providing public counsel in this process.

VII-6 Bill Studer and Larry Gispert provided a Board briefing regarding information and statistics on the number of calls to the flood hot line, number of low interest loans, etc. Two FEMA teams are working with Public Works, Water Department, Parks and Recreation, City of Tampa, and the School Board on various issues. We are identifying projects for hazard mitigation grant monies.

Due to time constraints, the Public Works portion of the flood briefing was delayed until the next meeting of April 15, 1998.

VII-7 Due to time constraints, the report regarding Hillsborough County Historical and Projected Population was deferred until April 15, 1998.

VII-8 The County Administrator presented a report regarding options for funding stormwater improvements. Although no formal action was taken on this item, Commissioner Platt requested that an analysis be conducted of the stormwater fee. Eric Johnson will coordinate this item and include as part of the workshop on stormwater regulatory issues currently scheduled for April 22, 1998.

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