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Wednesday, May 20, 1998
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, May 20, 1998, BOCC Meeting

Consent Section:

The consent agenda, containing 74 items, was presented to the Board for consideration. Six items were removed from consent by Board members for questions or discussion. All of the items were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

I-B-5 The first modification to the agreement with Americare Ambulance Service for medical transportation services in the Health Care Plan was deleted from the agenda by staff.

Additional follow-up is required on the following:

I-A-8 The Las Casitas project will be rescheduled for the June 24th BOCC meeting.

I-B-1f The Board accepted the donation of $5,000 from the Friends of the Library of Hillsborough County, Inc. (AT&T provided the donation to Friends of the Library.) Staff was directed to proceed with the appropriate recognition of AT&T for their donation.

Additionally, staff was directed to develop a consistent method of recognizing individuals for their contributions or donations. Mike Foerster will prepare a proposed policy for the Board to consider on June 24, 1998.

I-B-3 The Board approved staff’s recommendation regarding the closing of the Eastlake Branch Library. The item was removed from the consent agenda for discussion and status update on its relocation. Although no formal action was taken, several comments were made by Board members and citizens regarding giving the Eastlake area priority for the branch library location. Joe Stines advised the Board that the Library Advisory Board is currently in the process of reviewing proposed locations in the area. Mr. Stines will advise the Advisory Board of the Board’s discussion on this matter.

I-C-16 The report regarding discussion with the County Attorney, Sheriff, and Public Transportation Commission regarding towing fees will be rescheduled on June 3, 1998.

I-E-4 The report regarding revised policy regarding number of appointments to the Performance Audit Independent Review Committee will be rescheduled on June 3, 1998.

Audience Comments:

Four individuals spoke during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

‚ Martha Stem spoke regarding the All People’s Life Center and the location of its expansion. She supports retaining the center at its present location for its easy accessibility to public transportation and central location in the county. Further, she indicated that it makes more sense for the program to be all at one location rather than various locations throughout the county. She complimented Ed Radice and his staff for a phenomenal job in developing therapeutic education.

‚ Barbara Merritt made a suggestion that the garbage pickup companies implement a way of distinguishing house garbage from yard trash by providing color-coded tickets for the bags. Ms. Merritt also spoke on the closure of the Eastlake Branch Library and requested that this area be considered first for the library relocation. Further, she requested that the Board consider allowing audience comments in the afternoon session of the BOCC meeting so that citizens who work in the morning would have an opportunity to speak to the Board in the afternoon. With reference to Ms. Merritt’s comments regarding Chelsea Street closing, Commissioner Scott indicated that he was already reviewing these concerns.

‚ Marilyn Smith spoke on county-owned property inventory and against the retention of environmentally damaged buildings. She encouraged the Board to get rid of the Ice House and the 12th Street Warehouse while it is fresh on our minds.

Public Hearings:

III-1 The Board continued the public hearing until June 24, 1998, at 2:00 p.m., for consideration of an ordinance which sets the fees charged by Hillsborough County Fire Rescue for fire safety inspections.

Scheduled Appearances:

IV-1 Mr. Marion Radson, the City Attorney of Gainesville, and the Chair of the City, County, and Local Government Law Section of the Florida Bar presented the Section’s Annual Legal Advocacy Award to Emeline Acton.

IV-2 Dr. Susan MacManus, Consultant, appeared regarding the 1997 opinion survey of Hillsborough County residents about their government. She suggested that the survey be shortened in the future. No action was required.

IV-3 Richard Ake, Clerk of Circuit Court, and Charles Bagby, Audit Partner, Deloitte & Touche LLP, presented the BOCC the Hillsborough County All Inclusive Financial Report for Fiscal Year ended September 30, 1997.

IV-4 Per request of the Sheriff’s Office, the item relating to blanket bonds was deleted from the agenda.

Regular Agenda Section:

V-A-1 Staff requested a deferral until June 24, 1998, concerning the Fishhawk Transportation and Right-of-Way Impact Fee Agreement.

V-A-2 The Board adopted a resolution approving the form of and authorized the execution and delivery of a) Continuing Disclosure Agreement, b) 1998 Interlocal Agreement and a 1st amendment to Interlocal Agreement with the Tampa Sports Authority, and c) 1st amendment to the Sublease Agreement with Lightening Partners, Ltd., in connection with the issuance of the Tampa Sports Authority County Interlocal Payments Refunding Revenue Bonds (Ice Palace Project), Series 1998 (the AInterlocal Payments Refunding Bonds@). In addition, the Board delegated to the County Administrator the authority to deem final the preliminary official statement for the Interlocal Payments Bonds.

V-A-3 The Board accepted the recommendation of the Clerk of the Circuit Court and County Administrator for selection of Public Financial Management, Inc., as the County’s Financial Advisor, and authorized the Chair to execute the financial advisory contract.

With regard to the discussion concerning the bond refinancing of the Tampa Port Authority, Mike Merrill will review to determine the need for creative or innovative ideas for any lessening of the liability opportunities and make a presentation to the Port Authority, as deemed appropriate.

V-A-4 The Board authorized the Chair to execute the 2nd modification to agreement with William R. Hough & Company, to provide for a limited extension of the contract in accordance with the terms of the 2nd modification agreement.

V-A-5 The Board discussed the issue of proceeding with a Astraw ballot@ question to the voters, with regard to the workshop discussion on Less Than Fee/Conservation Easements. Following discussion, the Board passed a motion to do nothing on this matter with regard to a Astraw ballot.@ Staff understands that the practice of fee simple purchases will be the only method to acquire ELAPP land and that no referendum on the less than fee acquisition for ELAPP purchases will be pursued.

V-B-1 The Board approved acceptance of 785 donated microchips from Dr. Donna Repeta, Hillsborough Animal Health Foundation, and Dr. Neil Shaw, Hillsborough Veterinary Medical Society, for use in our adoption program. Also, the Board recognized these veterinarians for their donation of items that will significantly improve services to the public.

V-B-2 The Board approved the Head Start grant proposal for One-Time Only Program Improvement Funds in the amount of $309,062 from the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for the period of October 1, 1997, through September 30, 1998. A required County match of $39,702 from the Reserve for Contingency will be necessary if the proposal is approved and a budget amendment will be necessary to distribute the funding.

V-B-3 The Board approved the Head Start grant proposal for program expansion in the amount of $1,615,784 from the U. S. Department of Health and Human Service for period of October 1, 1998, through September 30, 2000. A required County match of $159,205 will be necessary in FY 98-99 and $124,911 match will be needed in FY 99-00 and thereafter, if the grant is approved.

V-C-1 The Board approved conducting a public workshop on June 24, 1998, at 4:00 p.m. to review the draft three-year Consolidated Planning Document for fiscal years 1998-2001, the proposed Action Plan for FY 1998-99, and the County’s amended Action Plan for the current FY 1997-98. The Consolidated Planning Document and annual Action Plans consolidate funding applications for CDBG, HOME, and ESG funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

V-C-2 The Board approved an interlocal agreement with the City of Tampa to provide funding in the amount of $1 million (half this year and half next year) from the County to the City to enable the City to proceed with road improvements to 40th Street. Commissioner Chillura suggested that staff advise the area citizens of the Board’s action. Ned Baier will coordinate this request with Vince Pardo.

V-C-3 The Board heard a presentation from staff regarding the Master Plan effort for the Water Department’s 1,523 acre Northwest Facilities Property and officially designated the area as open space and public use, to be acquired from the Water Department with possible funding from Park Impact Fees, ELAPP, and Community Investment Tax Funds.

V-C-4 Resource Recovery Facility -- The Board took action to:

a. Approve and execute amendment no. 9 to the Operations & Management Agreement with Ogden Martin Systems of Hillsborough, Inc., for the retrofit construction of the air pollution control system at the County’s Resource Recovery Facility at a cost not-to-exceed $34,000,000 plus pass-through costs of $2,400,000.

b. Solid Waste Management - Approve budget amendment resolution to realign appropriations within the Solid Waste Management System Reserve funds.

V-C-5 The Board authorized execution of amendment no. 10 to the Operations & Management Agreement with Ogden Martin Systems of Hillsborough, Inc., which will, upon the County’s acceptance of the retrofit construction project, consolidate current changes and all changes in amendments prior to the amendment and result in the Consolidated Operations & Management Agreement.

V-C-6 The Board heard a policy issues presentation by staff on the proposed Water/Wastewater Infrastructure District’s Special Assessment Ordinance, particularly those relating to mandatory connection policies. The Board voted to cancel the infrastructure district special assessment ordinance public hearing scheduled for June 3rd at 2:00 p.m.; and instead, directed the scheduling of a workshop to further discuss policy issues prior to adoption. The workshop is tentatively scheduled for August 26, 1998.

V-C-7 The Board held in abeyance the staff recommendations regarding Septic Tank Conversion to County Wastewater Service Retrofit Procedures, pending a decision on the special assessment ordinance as discussed in agenda item V-C-6.

V-D-1 The Board approved scheduling of the following workshop:

a. Refinancing of utility and ice palace bonds by means of an interest rate swap. The workshop will be scheduled for sometime in June.

V-G-1 Michael Zagorc presented audit findings and recommendations concerning the Clerk’s Audit Report ##70 of the Insurance & Claims Division, Operational Controls. The County Administrator responded to the findings and provided information as to the controls and corrective measures implemented as a result of the recommendations. Following the Board’s discussion, a motion was passed to have the Clerk re-audit the Insurance and Claims Division in three months. Staff is to report back every six months with an status update of corrective measures and controls put in place in response to the audit recommendations. Ted Grable will coordinate this matter and provide status reports during November 1998 and May 1999.

V-G-2 The Clerk of Circuit Court requested deletion of the item relating to the Comprehensive Human Resources And Payroll System.

Commissioners’ Section:

VI-1 Commissioners provided reports regarding various authorities and councils on which they serve, as follows:

‚ Commissioner Berger reported on the Hospital Authority meeting and referenced a report on minority enterprise and indigent health care from the Executive Director of the Florida Health Science Center. Dr. Siegel is to provide additional benchmark information in the near future.

Commissioner Berger spoke on the need for a workshop to discuss communication towers. The County Administrator advised that a workshop on tower siting issues on private and county-owned properties is scheduled for July 29th at 1:30 p.m.

‚ Commissioner Scott spoke on his position concerning the decision to privatize Tampa General Hospital and expressed his dissatisfaction with a report that was recently distributed. He stressed that part of his responsibility of serving on the Hospital Authority is to be the Awatchdog@ for this agency.

Commissioner Scott also advised that Hartline has a new contract with the bus drivers’ union. Hopefully, this action will provide for a better relationship between management and the union.

‚ Commissioner Platt thanked the Board for recently appointing her to serve as one of the Board’s representatives to the West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority. Because of anticipated and potential conflicts on future issues to be considered by West Coast, she declined the appointment. The County Attorney’s legal opinion was entered into the official record. Commissioner Jim Norman was appointed as the Board’s second representative on WCRWSA.

‚ Commissioner Norman reported on a meeting of the Tampa Sports Authority with reference to not giving attention to appropriate key clients. An audit was performed. He suggested that the County Administrator should provide some Aone-on-one@ advice to the TSA administration.

‚ Commissioner Hart reported on the master plan update at Tampa International Airport. He voiced concern about the plans for tolls in the West Shore business district, which is part of a regional component in the Major Investment Study. The Aviation Authority will continue to review the issues in the Major Investment Study to insure there is balance. With regard to sustainable communities, he is continuing to identify areas in which the County can get federal assistance as part of HUD regional initiatives.

Commissioner Hart indicated that he plans to schedule an item for the next agenda proposing that the Public Transportation Commission be transferred as a unit under the County Administrator.

‚ Commissioner Chillura reported on the Tampa Port Authority meeting in which the medfly infestation was addressed.

Commissioner Chillura has requested that Ray Chiarmonte re-analyze the figures that the Planning Commission compiled with regard to the Port. He feels that Hillsborough County should be included as a major player in downtown planning.

VI-4 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding provision of a discount to senior citizens by Time Warner. The Board directed that the County Administrator include a 20% discount to senior citizens in the upcoming negotiations with Time Warner. Frank Turano will coordinate this matter.

VI-5 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding an editorial on complaint procedures for trash service. She agreed with the suggestions contained in the editorial. Following the Board’s discussion, a motion was passed to have staff come back prior to January 1999 with a recommendation as to the County handling complaints. Daryl Smith will conduct a cost effective analysis of the County handling the complaints instead of the haulers. He will present a recommendation for BOCC consideration during the month of November.

VI-6 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding Tampa Chamber of Commerce donors. This matter was discussed in conjunction with I-G-4, in which the board approved a budget amendment to accept and appropriate $15,000 in contributions received from the Tampa Chamber of Commerce for the purpose of reimbursing Ralph Hughes for his initial contribution to the Tax Watch Study. The Chamber will be listed as the donor of the contribution.

VI-7 The Board approved the appointment of Commissioner Hart as the Commission’s liaison to the Southwest Florida Water Management District.

Staff Reports:

VII-1 Dick Bailey, Chair of the Bureaucracy Buster Task Force, presented the 1997 Bureaucracy Busters Task Force Report. No action was required. Board members thanked the task force for a job well done.

VII-2 The County Administrator presented the report regarding the Public Transportation Commission’s extraordinary expenses. No action was required.

Additional Item:

Commissioner Turanchik inquired about the rescheduling of the Board’s workshop schedule on June 10th in order to accommodate the need to be in attendance at the signing ceremony for the West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority Governance Agreement. The workshop has been rescheduled for Thursday, June 11th, at 9:30 a.m.

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