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Wednesday, June 3, 1998
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, June 3, 1998, BOCC Meeting

Consent Section:

The consent agenda, containing 89 items, was presented to the Board for consideration. Seven items were removed from consent by Board members for questions or discussion. All of the items were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

I-C-2 Staff requested the deletion of the agreement regarding a reclaimed water line extension for Valrico Grove.

Additional follow-up is required on the following:

I-A-12 The report regarding regional services centers will be scheduled on the June 24th BOCC Agenda at 4:30 p.m.

I-D-3 The workshop regarding School Board review of zoning petitions will be scheduled on July 29th at 3:00 p.m.

I-E-5 The report regarding discussion with the County Attorney, Sheriff’s Office, and Public Transportation Commission, regarding non-consensual towing fees will be rescheduled on August 5, 1998. Emeline Acton and Pat Bean will coordinate.

Audience Comments:

‚ Eric Ray spoke on Hartline bus service and administration and union issues at Hartline.

‚ Moses Knott, Jr. spoke on payment of water bills for indigent people.

‚ Floyd Irwin spoke on religious and various other issues.

‚ Joyce Smith advised that she had requested the Metropolitan Planning Organization during the public forum on Tuesday to allow participation by three additional organizations: Lutz Civic Association, Gandy Coalition, and Town and Country Alliance.

‚ Marilyn Smith spoke on the audit of the Weed and Seed Program.

Public Hearings:

III-1 The Board adopted an amendment to Street Lighting Ordinance 92-26, which would add six new lighting service classifications.

III-2 The Board received public comments during a public hearing on West Coast Master Water Supply Projects. See item V-C-1 for additional details. This matter has been continued to June 10 at 9:00 a.m.

Scheduled Appearances:

IV-1 David Hurley, Chair of the Citizens Advisory Committee, presented a monthly report of activities of the CAC. On Friday, the CAC had a community forum in which forty people spoke, in addition to Acall-ins.@ A more detailed report will be developed and presented following the next CAC meeting.

Regular Agenda Section:

V-A-1a The Board approved the evaluation team’s ranking of the two firms as identified in Background; approved selection of and authorized contract with, Water Resource Associates, Inc., for a one-year period in the maximum amount of $100,000, subject to each task identified by staff as a potential conflict being presented to the Board for prior approval.

V-C-1 The Board received presentations by representatives of West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority on several West Coast Master Water Supply projects. (Relates to III-2) The County staff presentations were continued until June 10 at 9:00 a.m., for a workshop session. (The workshop on stormwater issues originally scheduled for this time slot will be rescheduled to August 26 at 1:30 p.m.)

V-C-2 The Board conceptually approved the oversizing agreement for offsite force-main required to serve the Westwood Lakes residential project.

V-C-3 The Board conceptually approved the reclaimed water line extension agreement for Valrico Grove.

V-D-1 The County Administrator presented a report concerning the renewal of the one-cent gas tax and provided a series of five options for Board consideration. Board action on this issue was deferred to provide staff the time to prepare a report on the historical use of the funds. The report would include a response from the three municipalities as to their support of the tax, e.g., resolution of support, etc., including any comments on the program. Also all available options, including referendum language and related ordinances for the September Ballot and backup materials, are to be prepared by the County Attorney’s Office and presented to the Board. This matter is to be rescheduled on the June 24th BOCC Agenda, or an earlier special meeting, if time constraints exist for a September referendum. Mary Helen Campbell will prepare the referendum language and associated backup materials. Helen Levine will contact the three municipalities. Eric Johnson and Bernardo Garcia will prepare the staff report for the June 24th meeting.

V-D-2 Performance Audits:

a. The Board modified the performance audit program and process in accordance with the recommendations provided in the accompanying staff report. The Board added a provision to one recommendation by limiting an audit firm to two audits during a 24-month period. A report on the impact of these changes was requested at the end of one year. Debbie Gotwalt will coordinate this matter.

b. The Board revised the policy concerning the number of appointments to the Performance Audit Independent Review Committee.

V-F-1 The Board approved the revision to the County-Wide Voluntary Affirmative Action Plan, as recommended by Gene Gardner, Executive Director, of Civil Service.

V-G-1 The Board deferred until June 24, 1998, the discussion of County Audit Report #71, Weed & Seed Grants Financial and Compliance Audit.

V-G-2 The Board discussed County Audit Report #72, The Greater Tampa Chamber of Commerce, Inc., Sale of lots in Tampa Industrial Park. Findings in the audit report were presented by Michael Zagorc. Attorney Terrell Sessums, Attorney John Grandoff, the Attorney for Florida Health Science Center, Inc., and Don Barber, from the Chamber of Commerce, spoke on this matter. The Chamber of Commerce, Research & Development Authority, and Florida Health Science Center agreed to delay the closing until June 15; and further, agreed to attempt to extend it beyond that date. Following the Board’s discussion, this matter was deferred to allow additional research by the County Attorney’s Office. Attempts will be made to extend the closing date of the sale of lots until July 15. If these attempts are unsuccessful, this matter will be scheduled on the workshop agenda for June 11; otherwise, the report will be scheduled either on the June 24th or July 8th BOCC Agenda, as deemed appropriate by the County Attorney’s Office.

As an adjunct to this item, the Board passed a motion to require all organizations appointed by the Board to provide at least an annual report of their activities to the Board. Charlotte Emrick will coordinate this matter. The County Attorney’s Office will work with her in developing a general format for the annual report.

Commissioners’ Section:

VI-1 Due to time constraints, the Commissioners’ reports regarding various authorities and councils on which they serve were continued until the next BOCC meeting.

VI-2 Appointments were made to various boards and councils.

VI-3a The Board received a letter from Jerry W. Koehler, Ph.D., Chairman, concerning the Blue Ribbon Committee on County Finances. The Board concurred with the revised schedule.

VI-4 Commissioner Chillura led a discussion regarding the indigent dental care contract issue. Dr. Dyer spoke about restructuring of the dental services contract which resulted in a reduction of funding to the Dental Research Center. During the course of discussion, it was disclosed that internal problems had occurred in the DRC. The Board subsequently referred this matter back to the County Administrator for additional review and recommendation back to the Board within thirty days. Cretta Johnson will coordinate this matter and schedule an item on the July 8th BOCC Agenda.

VI-5 The Board deferred Commissioner Hart’s discussion item regarding transferring the Public Transportation Commission as a unit under the County Administrator. This item will be rescheduled on the June 24th BOCC Agenda.

VI-6 The Board authorized the Chairman to write a letter of support for S.1222, Estuary Habitat Restoration Partnership Act, as recommended by Commissioner Platt. Gene Boles will prepare the letter for the Chairman’s signature.

Staff Reports:

VII-1 Due to time constraints, the report regarding future alternatives to Federal Lobbying was deferred until June 24, 1998.

VII-2 Due to time constraints, the report regarding encouraging the construction of cisterns as an alternative water source was deferred until June 24, 1998.

VII-3 The Board received the report regarding Westchase Middle School review of dedication issues, as requested by the BOCC on May 6, 1998. No action was required.

Additional Item:

The County Administrator provided a brief verbal report on the WAGES program. No action was required.

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