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Wednesday, July 22, 1998
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, July 22, 1998, BOCC Meeting

Consent Section:

The consent agenda, containing 80 items, was presented to the Board for consideration. Five items were removed from consent by Board members and the County Administrator for questions or discussion. All of the items were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

I-A-2i Staff requested a deferral until August 5 of the conveyance from Emerine and Emerine, Inc. for right-of-way along Bloomingdale Avenue.

I-C-16 The Board deferred until August 5 the renaming of certain roadways in the Citrus Park community in order to allow notification to some of the residents who weren't notified previously. Bill Studer will insure that notifications are sent to affected or interested neighborhoods. Since the BOCC meeting, Public Safety Department staff has requested additional time for notification. Therefore, an item will be scheduled on the August 5 Agenda requesting a deferment to the September 2 meeting.

Additional follow-up is required on the following:

I-A-8 The Board approved the joint venture construction and impact fee offset agreement for construction of Countryway Boulevard. However, Commissioner Hart suggested that staff provide "T-Account" information when impact fees come back to the Board. Lucia Garsys will insure follow through on this request.

Audience Comments:

Six individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

Bonnie Hoffman requested that the Lake Nancy and Lake Pearl rezonings be continued to the same date and time, rather than one in August and one in September, since the rezoning petitions are similar and have the same issues. Secondly, she feels that school principals and PTA officials should be notified of rezonings which impact school sites, which she thought could be accomplished with a code change. These issues were referred to the County Administrator and County Attorney for review and report back to the Board. Emmy Acton and Gene Boles will prepare a report to the Board during the workshop on School Board review of zoning petitions scheduled for July 29.

Additionally, the report regarding Bonnie Hoffman's request to the Board on July 8 will be scheduled for the July 29 BOCC workshop, rather than August 5, as indicated on the future issues list.

Hannah Head spoke on courthouse legal issues and added that individuals should have the option of asking a question and receiving the answer, rather than being referred to an attorney.

Eric Ray spoke on recent newspaper articles regarding Dr. Siegel's request for a hospital lien ordinance.

Rick Dukes requested that the Board consider rescinding its previous approval of the rezoning for a Home Depot at the intersection of Highway 60 and Mt. Carmel in the Valrico area.

Floyd Irwin spoke on religious issues.

Reginald Williams thanked the Board for its approval of the request of Carver City/Lincoln Gardens Civic and Homeowners Association to use a vacant building on Spruce Street (Jail West property) as a community meeting area.

Public Hearings:

III-1 The Board held a public hearing regarding the County's amended FY 97-98 Action Plan and the FY 98-2001 Consolidated Planning Document which contains the Action Plan for FY 98-99. The annual Action Plans consolidate funding applications for CDBG, HOME and ESG funded by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD). During the public comment portion, an issue was raised concerning the allocation to Joshua House. Following the Board's discussion, a motion was adopted to approve the Plan as presented, including the allocation to Joshua House. The motion included a directive that the County Attorney report back at the August 5 meeting.

III-2 The Board held a public hearing to receive comments regarding the grantee program requirements in order to be eligible to receive $1,331,234 in Local Law Enforcement Block Grant funds from the U.S. Department of Justice for the period October 1, 1998, to September 30, 2000. These funds will support efforts to reduce crime and improve public safety. The Board authorized the submission of the grant.

III-3 The Board held a public hearing regarding the FY98-99 Budget and CIP. A recap of this portion of the meeting will be provided under separate cover.

Scheduled Appearances:

IV-1 LaTasha Mann, Chairperson, Head Start/Early Head Start Policy Council, presented the Council's quarterly report. Ms. Mann inquired about the request for raising the per diem to $44 for Head Start parents. Richard Tribunella will follow through on this matter and provide a response to the Head Start Policy Council and the BOCC by August 15.

IV-2 Brian Smith, Pinellas County Planning Director, presented a report entitled Old Gandy Bridge And Friendship Trail Concept Plan, funded by the Pinellas County Metropolitan Planning Organization. The Board approved the plan in concept and for referral to the MPO and City of Tampa. The Board authorized staff to work with Pinellas County in seeking funds on a joint basis. Bernardo Garcia will coordinate this matter and provide an update to the Board within 30 days.

IV-3 Rob Turner, Property Appraiser, appeared regarding Constitutional Revision Ten and indicated that the amendment would have a negative impact on the County tax roll. Representatives of the Tampa Port Authority, Aviation Authority, and Tampa Sports Authority appeared with opposing views on the Revision. This matter was referred to the County Administrator and continued until August 5 so that additional information can be provided to the Board. Eric Johnson will coordinate this matter.

Regular Agenda Section:

V-C-1 The Board concurred with staff's recommendation to support the establishment of numeric MFLs (Minimum Flows and Levels Rule Development) based upon the scientific principle of ecological sustainability prior to permitting new water supply sources; and to authorize the Water Team to support the implementation of SWFWMD rules and procedures that monitor and regulate the withdrawal of water in such a manner that the impacts of that withdrawal are fairly represented and controlled; and, to authorize the Water Team to establish and/or maintain communications with citizen groups, regulators, legislators and other agencies to share information and promote the County's positions. Three additional items, as suggested by Commissioner Berger, were included in the Board's approval: 1) masking of impacts by the use of augmentation of minimum lake levels and wetlands; 2) minimum wellfield levels for all of Hillsborough County, particularly the Brandon Urban Wellfield; and 3) blending of minimum levels for significant harm and harm.

Further, the Board directed that the Chairman send a letter to SWFWMD governing board and West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority expressing our Board's desire for minimum flows and levels to be established and taken into account prior to the approval of any future permits. Scott Emery will prepare the letters for the Chairman's signature.

With reference to the suggestion of a fiscal analysis being conducted prior to issuance of permits, staff will review this matter and provide a recommendation and report back to the Board. Mike McWeeny will coordinate a report back to the Board on August 5.

Commissioner Platt's request for information on which lakes have extensive irrigation for agricultural purposes will be coordinated by Scott Emery who will provide a list of lakes which have irrigation permits and send it to all BOCC members.

V-C-2 Rate Study Audit For Florida Water Services Corporation Franchises -- The Board took action to:

a. Approve 2nd Amendment to the Audit Services Agreement dated August 17, 1994, with Deloitte & Touche LLP, to increase the maximum compensation payable for audit services pertaining to the 1997 rate-adjustment application filed by the Florida Water Services Corporation by $18,000 to $58,000; and, increase the maximum compensation payable under the agreement by $59,275 to $349,275 for the current year and by $59,285 + $1,299,275 + overall.

b. Water - Approve budget amendment resolution to appropriate by super majority vote, in accordance with BOCC Policy, $26,000 from the Reserve for Contingency in the General Revenue Fund to fund expenditures related to the Florida Water rate-adjustment application.

V-D-1 The Board approved the scheduling of a workshop regarding the HARTline Performance Audit and authorized the Chairman to send a letter to the HARTline Board inviting their participation in a joint workshop. Debbie Gotwalt-Dickson will prepare the letter for the Chairman's signature and coordinate a time and date mutually open for the BOCC and HARTline.

V-D-2 The Board approved the scope of services and authorized staff to proceed with the Request for Proposals for the performance audit of the Community Improvement Department.

V-G-1 The Board formally received for its official records County Audit Report #73 of the Hillsborough County Parks and Recreation Department Cash Controls Audit. Findings and recommendations of the audit were presented by Michael Zagorc. Ed Radice will report back in six months (January 1999) with a status of implementation of the recommendations. Also Ed Radice will report back on the sales tax issue in six months.

Commissioners' Section:

VI-1 Individual Commissioners presented reports of various boards and councils on which they serve.

Commissioner Platt presented a handout regarding the Agency on Bay Management recommendations on proposed master water plan projects. She also reported on a Juvenile Justice Planning Council meeting where she advised of the Board's action to support Revision Seven with the understanding that the money go to public safety operating costs and a tax cut. She requested that the council advise the BOCC of any areas they felt should be funded by local dollars.

Commissioner Norman reported on the West Coast Regional Water Supply Authority meeting in which proposals from four desalination companies are being considered. He anticipates a November completion date for selection.

Commissioner Hart reported on the National Association of Counties meeting in Portland and his involvement in the sustainable communities area. He reviewed Portland's transportation proposal and will provide written information concerning the proposal to all Board members.

VI-3a The Board received a memorandum from Vivian Zaricki, Executive Director, Florida Association of Counties, requesting designation of a BOCC member to Revision Seven Campaign. Commissioner Hart was selected as the Board's designee. Helen Levine will represent County administration.

VI-4 Commissioner Chillura requested a deferral until August 5 for the discussion regarding status of issues relating to the Animal Services Center.

VI-5 Commissioner Norman led a discussion regarding a requirement of a travel policy for every governmental authority and board funded by the BOCC. He suggested that the policy be reflective of the authority's or board's mission and further, that tax funds for travel be spent wisely. The Board passed a motion to approve this suggestion. Lelia Blevins will prepare letters for the Chairman's signature to all boards and authorities funded by the BOCC advising of this action.

VI-6 Commissioner Norman scheduled an item for an update on rave clubs in the unincorporated area of Hillsborough County. Pat Bean reported that the Sheriff's Office is comfortable with the existing ordinances at the present time and feels they have the necessary tools to address any potential problems. However, the County Attorney's Office will review the County's ordinance to determine how they compare to the City of Tampa's ordinance.

Staff Reports:

VII-1 Jimmie Keel presented a report regarding the Indigent Dental Care Contract issue, as requested by the BOCC on June 3, 1998. No action was required.

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