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Wednesday, September 16, 1998
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, September 16, 1998, BOCC Meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, Commissioner Norman presented an item for discussion regarding flooding in the Pine Lake area resulting in failure of septic tanks in the neighborhood to work. Since the problems are on private property, staff is not able to assist. Florida law prohibits the expenditure of public funds on private property. However, upon the recommendation of staff, the Board took action to authorize staff to perform work on private property only if there is a declaration by the Health Department that a health emergency exists.

Consent Section:

The consent agenda, containing 155 items, was presented to the Board for consideration. Eleven items were removed from consent by Board members for questions or discussion. All of the consent items were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

I-A-1z The renewal of contract with Florida Remediation Services for the Water Department was deleted from the agenda and replaced by an off-the-agenda item V-A-3.

I-A-11 The report regarding an employee suggestion program was deferred until October 7.

I-A-12 The report regarding routes and funding sources for golf cart path expansion for Sun City Center was deferred until October 7 per request of the County Administrator.

I-B-13 The amendment to the Health and Social Services Department's general and financial assistance policy manual was deleted from the agenda, as it needed additional staff work.

I-C-18 The report regarding billing for solid waste collection and disposal services was deferred until October 21.

I-C-21 Change order no. 10 to agreement no. C-206-98 with Waste Management Inc. of Florida was deleted from the agenda.

Additional follow-up is required on the following:

I-A-1o The bid for provision of outpatient pharmacy services was approved as recommended by staff. However, the Board directed that staff review the inclusion of a provision to require a performance review by County staff and the Clerk's Office ninety days prior to the end of the contract. The Clerk will report back to the Board by October 6 as to whether this can be accomplished by the Clerk's auditor.

I-A-13 The report regarding requirement for right-of-way compensation for road construction projects will be rescheduled on October 7.

I-B-27 The report regarding Hunger Task Force will be rescheduled on October 7.

I-C-27 The report regarding All People's Life Center will be rescheduled on the October 14 workshop agenda.

I-D-2 The report regarding City of Tampa funding to offset the cost of operating the County Jail system will be rescheduled on October 21.

I-E-1a The public hearing regarding consideration of an ordinance amending Ordinance 93-7 governing Historic Preservation Tax Exemptions will be scheduled for October 7 at 2:00 p.m.

I-E-1b The public hearing to consider the Tampa Bay water use permits will be scheduled for September 23 at 3:00 p.m.

Audience Comments:

Fourteen individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

Elvin Martinez Jr. spoke in his role as chairman of the Cable Advisory Committee. He advised that there is no dialogue between the advisory committee and the BOCC and felt that an update should be provided to the Board at least semi-annually. The committee has reviewed issues relating to educational, governmental, and public access. The committee is seeking additional changes in public access. Consensus of Board members was to agree to schedule a report under the "Scheduled Appearances" section every six months. Frank Turano will coordinate the scheduling of these reports.

Barbara Baker and Ellen Bertram spoke in support of an ordinance regulating potbelly pigs.

Melanie Feldman spoke regarding flooding in the Lake Chapman area which has resulted in water in her home and business. She requested the Board consider emergency relief for citizens in this area. (The Board asked for a staff response on all flooding issues at the end of the BOCC meeting.)

Brian Schatz and Mark Klutho spoke regarding sustainable buildings and suggested consideration be given to an incentive code overlay in order to prevent building more power plants. Pat Bean advised Board members and the two citizens that a report on sustainable buildings, requested during a previous BOCC meeting, is scheduled for the October 21 BOCC meeting.

George Kosan, Sandy Pay, Lynea D'Angelo, Dewey Basher, Wayne Baker, Phyllis Moser Eugene Cowart and Buck Scogin spoke on flooding in the area of Lake Hunter in Seffner and Fairway View Drive. Board members agreed to have staff review all the comments made during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting and come back at the end of the Board meeting with a report. Further, Commissioner Berger requested that staff review the pipe near the subdivision being constructed on Wheeler Road to determine whether the pipe is blocked, to determine if this is the cause of some of the flooding of the area.

Public Hearings:

III-1 The Board adopted an ordinance providing protection for law enforcement animals.

III-2 The Board adopted final assessment resolutions required under Ordinance 96-7 to create the Capacity Assessment Units described as: Northwest Water and Wastewater Capacity Assessment Unit 98303, Central Water and Wastewater Capacity Assessment Unit 98306, and South Water and Wastewater Capacity Assessment Unit 98309, to impose capacity assessments against property therein and to approve the capacity assessment rolls.

III-3 The Board adopted a proposed ordinance regulating parking in unincorporated Hillsborough County and on property owned or leased by Hillsborough County and repealed Hillsborough County Ordinance 90-42, as amended by Hillsborough county Ordinance 93-26; and, approved the parking ticket form proposed by the Clerk of the Circuit Court.

The Board directed that a report be brought back to the Board in twelve months with an analysis of whether the increased fines have rendered a decrease in parking violations. Sandra Sroka will coordinate this item and schedule during the month of October 1999. Further, the Board directed that staff make recommendations regarding the State Statute for consideration by the Legislative Delegation regarding the distribution of funds generated by this ordinance. Helen Levine will coordinate this matter.

Scheduled Appearances:

IV-1 Judge Dominguez and Bill Janes presented a report from the Public Safety Coordinating Council. Judge Dominguez stated that the original recommendation for funding for jail overcrowding has been reduced from $334,000 to $271,000. This request will be considered during the budget public hearing on Thursday, September 17, at 6:00 p.m. Eric Johnson will follow through on this matter.

IV-2 The Board approved an application for a private activity, tax exempt bond refunding submitted by Tampa Bay Retirement Centers, Inc., in the amount of $12,431,690, as recommended by Tom Morrison, counsel for the Industrial Development Authority.

Regular Agenda:

V-A-1a The Board approved a budget amendment to appropriate $6,500 from the Reserve for Contingency - General Revenue Fund to provide funding for expense associated with Blue Ribbon Committee.

V-A-1b The Board approved a budget amendment to appropriate $45,416 from the Reserve for Contingency - General Fund, to contract an engineering firm to perform environmental clean-up work in the food service area of the main courthouse. The previous food service operation resulted in a rodent infestation and air quality problems.

V-A-2a The Board deferred until the workshop on September 23, at 9:00 a.m., the automatic one-year lease extension for Audubon Ranch, Lessee of the Cone Ranch. The lease contains an automatic one-year extension each year unless the Lessor or the Lessee notifies the other of the objection or withholding of the extension. Failure to extend will leave two years remaining on the lease.

V-A-3 The Board approved a novation agreement with Florida Remediation Services, Inc. and Ripa & Associates and approved a renewal of a contract for a one-year period for work order construction services.

V-C-1 The Board held a discussion regarding Lutz high school siting and review of appeal of the Zoning Hearing Master's finding. Testimony from parties of record of the Zoning Hearing Master's findings was received on the three sites in question: University of Miami site, Geraci site, and the Lutz-Lake Fern site. A representative of the School Board advised the BOCC that the Geraci site had been eliminated from consideration due to costs. The Board voted not to appeal any of the three sites. However, the Chairman was authorized to send a letter to the School Board expressing concerns with regard to the Lutz-Lake Fern site and the University of Miami site. Pat Bean prepared a letter for the Vice Chairman's signature and forwarded same to the School Board on Thursday morning.

Additionally, the Board took action to receive staff's report on the costs associated with each site for transmittal to the report to the School Board. This information was also forwarded to the School Board on September 17.

V-F-1a The Board approved a budget amendment for the State Attorney's Office to appropriate $133,925 from the Reserve for Contingency in the General Fund, and realign $25,000 from Victims Assistance to provide funding for telecommunication and other operating expenses for the remainder of FY 98.

Commissioners' Section:

VI-1 Commissioners presented reports on various boards and councils on which they serve, as follows:

Commissioner Platt reported that the Coastal Cleanup is scheduled on September 19 from 8:00 a.m. to noon and encouraged other Board members and citizens to participate.
Commissioner Norman reported that since his recent appointment to the Tampa Bay Water board, he is pleased to see the involvement of many citizens who devote a lot of their time to the cause of preserving wetlands and lakes.
Commissioner Chillura reported on the last Tampa Port Authority meeting. The Port created a Port Development Council and hired a lobbying firm for the purpose of promoting trade potential for the port.
Commissioner Hart distributed copies of the Aviation Authority's FY99 budget and provided a brief overview of the budget. Commissioner Platt advised Commissioner Hart that she had received some comments from citizens who are concerned about how the Aviation Authority will use the Peter O. Knight Airport property on Davis Islands, which was recently purchased by the Authority. Commissioner Hart indicated that the Aviation Authority had purchased that land to insure that it would be retained as an airport.
Commissioner Hart also reported on his role in the sustainable communities program and attempts to encourage inter-county and regional cooperation.

VI-4 Commissioner Berger requested a deferral until October 7 for the discussion item regarding creation of an Agricultural Economic Development Council.

VI-5 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding policy for consideration that covers grant funds to agencies relating to campaign issues, as requested by the BOCC on August 5, 1998. A proposed policy was presented by the County Attorney's Office. The policy was approved by the Board.

VI-6 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council's request to become a member of the Policy Board of the Tampa Bay Estuary Program. The Board supported the Regional Planning Council's request. Gene Boles will prepare a letter to TBRPC regarding the Board's approval of their request.

Staff Reports:

VII-1 Bill Armstrong presented a staff report regarding regulations pertaining to potbelly pigs. Various individuals spoke in reference to this item including Jordon Lewis from the State of Florida Public Health Unit. The Board decided not to develop a local ordinance, but directed staff to bring back proposed changes in State legislation regarding regulation of potbelly pigs. Helen Levine will include this item in the 1999 State Legislative Program which will be considered by the Board on December 2.

VII-2 The County Administrator presented a staff report and analysis regarding occupational license ordinance, as requested by the BOCC on August 19, 1998. Following discussion, the Board directed the County Administrator to bring back this issue at the time of the review of the Blue Ribbon Committee recommendations. Edith Stewart will coordinate this matter.

Flooding Report:

The County Administrator reported that the Governor has extended the state of emergency regarding flooding for the state of Florida through October 2, 1998. Although the County is normally prohibited from using County resources to perform work on private property, under a declaration of an emergency threatening the health and safety of citizens, the Board may authorize staff to take necessary actions for protection of the health and safety on private property. The Board approved staff's recommendation that the County continue to operate under the same set of rules, criteria, and priorities established during the El Nino Storm earlier this year. Per suggestion of the Board, Roger Dean will post an announcement in the County's home page regarding the hot line number and other pertinent information concerning flooding emergencies.

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