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Tuesday, December 29, 1998
County Center, 2nd Floor

Recap of Wednesday, December 16, 1998, BOCC Meeting

At the beginning of the meeting, a tribute was given to the late Governor Lawton Chiles.

A farewell ceremony was held for outgoing Commissioner Ed Turanchik at 4:00 p.m., on December 16, 1998. On December 17, an investiture ceremony was held for newly appointed Commissioner Ben Wacksman. It was necessary to continue a portion of the agenda items to the evening of December 17.

Consent Section:

The consent agenda, containing 94 items, was presented to the Board for consideration. Ten items were removed from consent by Board members for questions or discussion. All of the consent items were approved as recommended by staff, with exception of the following:

I-A-3a The budget amendment to realign and reappropriate carryover funds from FY 98 including adjustments to fund balances where statutorily allowed was discussed on December 16 and deferred until December 17 with a request for more specificity in the line items. On December 17, the Board approved the amended list of items contained in the budget amendment as presented by Eric Johnson.

I-B-6 Due to time constraints, the Board continued until January 6, 1999, the interlocal agreement with James A. Haley Veterans' Hospital for provision of medical services to eligible participants in the Hillsborough HealthCare Plan.

I-D-1 Due to time constraints, the Board continued until January 6, 1999, the BOCC policy regarding citizen complaints against County Administrator employee(s) and/or department(s).

Additional follow-up is required on the following:

I-A-2i The Board approved a one-year lease with the Blind Services Division, Florida Dept. Of Labor and Employment Security, for a food service operation in the Courthouse. However, staff is to report back in one year on the operation of the food service. Mike Kelly will provide a report back to the BOCC on December 1, 1999.

I-D-2 The report on Weed & Seed audit recommendations will be rescheduled on the January 6, 1999, Agenda.

Audience Comments:

Ten individuals appeared during the Audience Comments portion of the meeting, as follows:

‚ Barbara Baker spoke regarding potbelly pigs.

‚ Hannah Head spoke regarding the payment of tax for Raymond James Stadium and problems with the quality of her water provided by the County's water system. Mike McWeeny will follow up on this matter and provide a report to the Board and Ms. Head no later than January 15, 1999.

‚ Bonnie Hoffman spoke regarding the rezoning process. The County Attorney suggested that Ms. Hoffman speak with Jim Porter as to allowable testimony at the upcoming land use hearing.

‚ Sandra Reed, Debbie Hiatelu, Maurene Fink, and West Edwards spoke in support of the Board's approval of the lease to the Division of Blind Services in the Courthouse.

‚ Barbara Merritt spoke regarding the payment of tax for Raymond James Stadium, turn signal at MLK Boulevard and Orient Road, and the proposed BOCC policy relating to citizen complaints. Ms. Merritt was advised that staff has been in contact with FDOT regarding the MLK and Orient Road intersection. Commissioner Norman requested that the intersection of Van Dyke Road and Dale Mabry be included in the discussions with FDOT. Bernardo Garcia will follow through on Commissioner Norman's request and provide a report to the Board by January 21, 1999.

‚ Marilyn Smith spoke regarding the BOCC policy relating to citizen complaints, accessing public records, and Commissioner Turanchik leaving public office.

‚ Nolan Cook spoke regarding the County's water system, payment of tax on the Raymond James Stadium, specialized transportation program, and traffic problems at the entrance to Durant High School.

‚ Carlton Lewis spoke regarding an ordinance governing the removal of shopping carts from private businesses, which creates a problem of carts ending up in ditches and gutters. It was suggested that the County Attorney's Office assist him in this endeavor and provide him copies of research, ordinances, etc. which relate to this subject. Jim Porter will follow through on this matter.

‚ Nanci Chadwick requested that the Board intervene on her behalf and approve a building permit for her home on River Hills Drive. EPC allegedly has disapproved a building permit due to flooding problems in her area. This matter was referred to Roger Stewart for review. Also Burt Folce will review this matter.

‚ Major Alston thanked the Board for its past support of the Boy Scouts organization.

‚ Catherine Burgess spoke regarding the truck traffic on Sun Lake Boulevard.

Public Hearings:

III-1 The Board approved an amendment to the County's False Fire Alarm User Fee Ordinance which will create an exemption to the County's false fire alarm fee for governmental and public facilities.

III-2 The Board adopted the Final Assessment Resolutions required by Ordinance 96-7 to create the Capacity Assessment Units described as: Northwest Wastewater Capacity Assessment Unit 98402, Northwest Water and Wastewater Capacity Assessment Unit 98403, Central Water Capacity Assessment Unit 98404, Central Water and Wastewater Capacity Assessment Unit 98406, South Water Capacity Assessment Unit 98407, and South Water and Wastewater Capacity Assessment Unit 98409, to impose capacity assessments against property therein and approved the capacity assessments rolls.

III-3 The Board adopted a resolution establishing the Board's intent to use the Uniform Method of Collecting an Assessment for levy, collection, and enforcement of a non-ad valorem assessment for property located within fifteen established capacity assessment units.

III-4 The Board adopted the Hearing Officer's Findings of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Recommended Order pertaining to the proper method of establishing rate base for the Windemere water and wastewater franchises with the modifications suggested in the Staff's Exceptions to Finds of Fact, Conclusions of Law, and Recommended Order.

Scheduled Appearances:

IV-1 Due to time constraints, the discussion with representatives of the USS Forrestal Sea, Air, Space Museum, Inc., regarding the 12th Street Warehouse was deferred until January 6, 1999.

Regular Agenda:

V-A-1a The Board, per staff recommendation, awarded Bid No. PC-304-98, CIP No. 69449 & 69450 for the Providence Road project, from Providence Ridge Boulevard To Lumsden Road and Lumsden Road to Brandon Feeder Road.

V-A-1b The Board approved staff's recommendation to approve the sole source agreement with Howard C. Osterman, Inc., to advise and assist with business practices, programs, and policies which affect the organization, management, operation, and/or financial structure of the County's Water and Wastewater Enterprise Utility System, for a two-year period at the maximum amount payable of $164,000 for the first year.

V-A-2 The Board approved the scheduling of a public hearing for January 20, 1999, at 4:30 p.m., to consider extending the Ninth Cent Gas Tax Ordinance beyond the current expiration date of September 30, 2000. Eric Johnson will develop the backup material for the public hearing, which is to include a list of completed projects.

V-A-3 The Board adopted a BOCC Policy regarding Reserve for Cash Balance. Lelia Blevins will distribute the policy county wide.

V-A-4 The Board approved a budget amendment to transfer $1,000 from the Reserve for contingency-Countywide General Fund (Operating Fund) to increase the expense allowance for the BOCC Chair. The name of this fund is to be renamed Board Activity Fund in the future.

V-C-1 Due to time constraints, the Board deferred until January 6, 1999, the staff report from the Water Department and approved the scheduling of a public hearing to consider adoption of the proposed Infrastructure Assessment Unit Ordinance as modified in accordance with BOCC direction to include the requirement for a petition from affected property owners as a prerequisite to the establishment of an Infrastructure Assessment Unit.

V-C-2 The Board approved a 4th modification to agreement with HDR Engineering, revising Attachment A, Scope of Services and increasing contract amount by $292,781.93 for additional services on the Providence Road widening project. This modification is for post design services required during construction and additional design services for Providence from Bloomingdale to the proposed Feeder Road.

V-C-3 The Board authorized the filing of a request to initiate Independent Scientific Peer Review of the Southwest Florida Water Management District's proposed Minimum Flows and Levels rules for the Northern Tampa Bay Area and appropriate from the Water Department's Utility System Revenue Bond Fund, $350,000 for the Peer Review for FY 98-99

V-D-1 The Board held a workshop on 1999 proposed State & Federal Legislative Programs. The Board approved the list of State and Federal items, as provided by staff. In addition, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's Tampa Bay Coastal Ecosystem Program for the Gulf Coast of Florida and the truancy prevention program for the USF area were added to the list of legislative items.

V-E-1 The Board received the petition and the Ordinance annexing same by the City of Tampa. The Board concurred with the County Attorney's recommendation to not pursue litigation against the City of Tampa.

V-E-2 The Board approved the scheduling of a public hearing at 6:00 p.m. on January 12, 1999 to consider an ordinance regarding regulation of firearms sales in Hillsborough County.

V-F-1 The Board continued the request from the Tampa Sports Authority for the Board of County Commissioners to consider taking title to the Raymond James Stadium and leasing it back to the Tampa Sports Authority. Staff was directed to review the financial implications and provide recommendations for alternatives for funding. Eric Johnson will develop recommendations for the Board on January 6, 1999.

Commissioners' Section:

VI-1 Commissioners presented reports regarding various boards and councils on which they serve, as follows:

‚ Commissioner Frank reported on a meeting of Tampa Bay Water regarding bids for desalination. She has requested that the TBW meeting on January 25 be held in Hillsborough County and televised live (with feeds to Pinellas and Pasco Counties, or provide tapes for a subsequent showing in those areas). Mike Foerster and Mike McWeeny will assist, as needed.

VI-3a The Board approved the recommendation in the staff report regarding the letter received from Warren H. Newell, Board of County Commissioners, Palm Beach County, District III, relative to pawn shops.

VI-4 The Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter of support regarding the 26th Annual Training Conference of the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives to be held in the year 2002, as requested by Chief Holder. Lelia Blevins will draft the letter for the Chairman's signature.

VI-5 Commissioner Hart began a discussion of Y2K compliance. Commissioner Hart had invited Steve Burton, a legal advisor to the Governor's Task Force on Y2K, to make a presentation on Y2K issues. This item was discussed in conjunction with the staff report on Y2K (VII-3).

VI-6 Commissioner Storms led a discussion regarding action taken by the BOCC during the November 12 CIT Workshop. The Board authorized the scheduling of a workshop to discuss operation and maintenance of CIT and CIP projects in early March. The workshop has been tentatively scheduled for March 10 at 9:00 a.m. Eric Johnson will coordinate the materials for the workshop.

VI-7 Commissioner Norman led a discussion regarding truck traffic on Sun Lake Boulevard. A lengthy discussion followed that included comments from citizens about alternate routes. The final motion which was adopted by the Board was to dismiss the County's law suit against the Geraci's if the Geraci's were willing to drop the law suit relating to the upland habitat ordinance, and leave the truck traffic on Sun Lake Boulevard.

VI-8 The Board approved an amendment to Rule #4 in the Board's Rules or Order. This was the second vote during two consecutive meetings.

VI-9 Commissioner Platt led a discussion regarding Slap Suit in Pinellas County against four citizen activists. The Board authorized the County Attorney's Office to draft a BOCC policy on this issue. Emmy Acton will draft a policy for Board consideration on January 6, 1999. Also the Board authorized the Chairman to send a letter (included in the agenda backup) to Pinellas County. Lynn French will coordinate this matter.

VI-10 Commissioner Scott led a discussion regarding the specialized transportation program. (This item was heard in conjunction with staff report VII-6.) The Board agreed with Commissioner Scott's suggestion that staff review transportation programs of other counties to determine if improvements or expansions need to be made to Hillsborough County's program. Staff is to come back to the Board with a recommendation. It was also suggested that staff be in contact with Senator Hargrett regarding his proposed legislation on the Public Transportation Commission and advise him of Hillsborough County's situation in the transportation area. Jimmie Keel will follow up and prepare a report and recommendation to the Board on February 3, 1999. Helen Levine will contact Senator Hargrett.

Staff Reports:

VII-1 Due to time constraints, the Board continued until January 6, 1999, the report regarding residential solid waste collection service complaint receipt and reporting.

VII-2 Due to time constraints, the Board continued until January 6, 1999, verbal staff report regarding bats at Houlihan's Stadium.

VII-3 Roger Dean presented a status report on Year 2000 Compliance. Steve Burton, legal advisor to the Governor's Task Force on Y2K, also spoke on this matter. The County Administrator agreed to provide a written report including a priority and target schedule in January and monthly reports thereafter on Y2K. Roger Dean will prepare the necessary reports and schedule for January 6.

VII-4 Due to time constraints, the Board continued until January 6, 1999, the report regarding information on the amount and use of Cone Ranch lease funds, the limitations on the uses of those funds and the current and future management plan for the property.

VII-5 The County Administrator provided a report to the Board on a management benefits package which will be made available to Hillsborough County unclassified employees on January 3. No action was required.

VII-6 Report by Assistant County Administrator Jimmie Keel, regarding disadvantaged transportation program. (See action taken on item VI-10.)

Respectfully submitted,

Daniel A. Kleman
County Administrator

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